used to be called Woomera, used to be called Bleep. no matter what they're calling themselves this week, they rule. I'm so happy this band escaped the cold clutches of Toronto to rainy London. since that time they've managed to put together a (almost) full band. i read on their myspace blog today that they're looking for a new bass player. I had the pleasure of sharing a bill with them a few years ago as a 3 peice and they were amazing. i can only imagine what how slammin' they are as a full band. if you live in london hit them up. the force is strong with these...
i see they have employed their cat as well. well what ever they do it works, they never miss a beat. the best band on the planet that you're still not listening to...


Autorotation's brilliant song "Flika" will be available on the Self Storage Compilation

Deep Cut

Many moons ago there was a great band called Revolver. Their one and only proper album(the other was a collection of the bands first 3 EPS), Cold Water Flat, ranks high in my top albums of all times. some say they jumped on the shoegaze bandwagon, that they had too many "songs". despite genres it's a f**cking great record and well worth seeking out. to the point, Mat Flint, guitar player and main tunesmith of said band, has reemerged with his new band(along with his brother on bass) called Deep Cut. they have released the brilliant single Commodity in seven inch format via Club AC30 and as far as i can tell are now working on a full length.

dig it

Lights Out Asia - Tanks and Recognizers

I know very little about this band other than what it says on their myspace page. the album makes me think of what would happen if Auburn Lull made a record with Alpha. all i really know is the record is dope and you should check it out.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

these guys break of a nice big slice of Mogwai-esqe post rock for y'all. hailing from your humble writer's old stomping grounds of York, PA, (Chris and i went to high school together a million years ago). These guys do it big and loud. Their record release party is March 1st at my old haunt, The Depot. and if for some reason you live in York and you're reading this and not watering your lawn or watching a nascar race, here are some shows they have coming up. they'll be playing with us sometime in May if all goes well.

Feb 16 at Champion Ship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Mar 1 at The Depot York, Pennsylvania
Mar 7 at The Waterway (upstairs in the Blue Room) York, Pennsylvania
Mar 15 at The Maennerchor Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Mar 24 at 25-27 Space Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Mar 28 at Suba Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Danella Hocevar (An April March)

Former lead singer of the fantastic and hugely underrated An April March (Bedazzeled Records) posted some demos from her new album(?) on her Myspace page. The tracks were produced by Roger Levellee of The Curtain Society. The tracks are much more poppier and stripped down than her previous work but that's not a bad thing at all. she's still in good form and we're excited to hear more and hopefully she'll come down and play a show.

listen and download here

Ex Autumn Thieves form new band

Two original members(Andy Durutti and Ryan Freeman) of the now mythical Autumn Thieves have teamed up again for a new band with LG of Dead Leaf Echo on lead guitar and the lovely and talented Kristen Stocks on vocals. the as yet unnamed project debuted last Thursday at the Brooklyn Lyceum opening up for Jonas Munk and Jakob Scott who performed together as Manual(make sure to check out Jakob Scott's work as Syntaks).
Recordings are in the works along with more shows and a song will appear on the Self Storage Compilation
more info soon...

Monocle - Outer Sunset

Monocle released their debut back in Novemeber on Hidden Shoal Recordings and a big favorite round these parts.

here's a review from from Delusions of Adequacy
"For dreamy, slightly psychedelic, shoegazing indie pop, look no further. Monocle, a five-piece outfit from Brooklyn, has weaved together a pensive, stunning new album for Hidden Shoal Recordings. It plays like a soundtrack to a really good movie: the music, rather than hitting the listener in the face, floats out and gently reminds one that, yes, it’s still there.

Monocle’s Outer Sunset is an edgier version of Camera Obscura; Sunny Kim’s mysterious, secretive vocals are reminiscent of such bands, and Matt Filler’s haunting riffs could be in an Arcade Fire album. Keyboardist Rich Bennett wrote the majority of the songs, but drummer Max Goldman and bassist Dan Shuman are spectacularly talented as well. This warm, contemplative shoegaze pop is at its best on tracks like “Green Future,” “Emmanuelle,” and “Road Sign.” Outer Sunset has a subtle energy that flows almost tangibly throughout each track, and this understated approach does not lessen the impact, but rather renders it unmistakable. Multi-layered and involving, Outer Sunset manages to be avant-garde and accessible simultaneously, which is no small feat. Each song offers up something new, and “Wave Goodbye” stands out as possibly the strongest of the bunch.

Outer Sunset hits the shelves in early 2008, and Monocle has made a dazzling album. This is an ethereal, complex and simply excellent new release for HSR, and Monocle is a band to look out for in the future."

hear some tunes

Saints and Lovers - Stille

Saints and Lovers released their debut album, Stille, on February 5th. The bands previous EPs have been fabulous including the not to be missed cover of Atmosphere by Joy Division. i'm not much for covers and i'm certainly not much for covers of Joy Division/New Order, but they f**king nail it and make it theirs. don't believe me? send them an email and ask them for the mp3. nicely of course. have a listen.

Saints and Lovers play The Annex February 22nd

Screen Vinyl Image

These guys were slammin' when they played our gig with Ulrich back in December. Several of us felt they stole the show. that's alot of sound for 2 people to make.
they've got some great shows coming up....for more info go here

also check out their label, Safranin Sound. they've got some great bands on the roster like The Offering and The Vandelles to name a few.

The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws

Brooklyn's Depreciation Guild have pulled an odd one with their first full length release. soaring melodies, shoegaze guitars and programmed beats from something called a famicom(which i gather is another name for a nintendo). it works really well and we'd love to do a show with them but they never write me back. you can download the album for free on their website. go now...

Self Storage Recordings - Compilation Volume 1

Loveless Music Group finally has a record label. In April we'll release our first compilation. Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull, Project Skyward and former Autumn Thieves', Andy Durutti and his new band, are contributing exclusive tracks to the album.

here's the list of bands appearing...

Ulrich Schnauss
Auburn Lull
Le Ren
Andy Durutti
The Invisible Kid
Dead Leaf Echo
The Soundscapes
Project Skyward
Panda Riot

The Record Release party is April 23rd at Club Midway.

visit Self Storage here and add it as a friend

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire

Dead Leaf Echo release their 2nd record MArch 28th. hands down the DLE's best work yet and it's leaps and bounds about the first. the title track was mixed by Ulrich Schnauss and it's the bomb. you'll also be able to find the track on the new Self Storage Recordings Compilation which is due to drop sometime in April. more on that later. The record release party is March 22th at Pianos

Upcoming Dead Leaf Echo shows in NYC
Feb 14 2008 8:00P
Brooklyn Lyceum w/Monocle(All Ages Show) Brooklyn, New York
Feb 23 2008 9:00P
The Tank(All AGES SHOW) w/Ringo Deathstarr, Virgo Loves Cancer New York, New York
Mar 8 2008 8:00P
Aloft w/Soundpool, The December Sound, Virgo Loves Cancer, Screen Vinyl Image and DJ Timmy G New York, New York
Mar 22 2008 9:00P
Pianos w/ 28 degress taurus and Soundpool New York, New York
Apr 23 2008 8:00P
Club Midway-Self Storage Comp. Release Party w/Monocle,The Soundscapes and more


Soundpool - Dichotomies and Dreamland

Soundpool release the follow up to their debut album, On High, on March 8th with a special party at Aloft. the album picks up where On High left off and takes things a step further. don't miss out.

Soundpool tour dates...
Feb 26-Glasslands gallery, Brooklyn
w/ ringo deathstarr, dinowalrus williamsburg, brooklyn, New York
Mar 8-Aloft, New York
Dichotomies & Dreamland CD Release Party New York, New York
Mar 21-O’briens Allston, Massachusetts
w/28 degrees taurus, the december sound, anthems for odyssey
Mar 22-Pianos
w/ dead leaf echo & 28 degrees taurus new york, New York
Mar 23-The Kyhber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
with panophonic & u.k. bands the manhattan love suicides & insect guide
Apr 12-The Annex, NYC
w/ thrushes & the art of shooting new york, New York
Apr 26-Galaxy Hut Arlington, Virginia
w/ screen vinyl image
May 9-Metro Gallery Baltimore, Maryland
w/ skydivers, stellarscope, the offering
May 10-Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
sonic lullaby festival w/ auburn lull, elika, indian guides

preview some new tracks here

Elika - Trying Got Us Nowhere

Elika release their debut record on February 18th (vinyl out March 17th) via Fiercely Independent Records(UK). The album was recorded last summer with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 fame. a must have.

check them out live...
Feb 16-Bristol
The Louisiana w/ Ulrich Schnauss
Feb 19-Shoreditch, London
Feb 20-Plymouth, Devon
Bac Bar (dj set)
Feb 21-Plymouth, Devon
White Rabbit w/ Ulrich Schnauss
Feb 22-Brixton, London
The Windmill w/ Ulrich Schnauss/Arthur and Martha
Mar 29-Montreal, Quebec
TQA Records party
May 10-Detroit, Michigan
Sonic Lullaby Festival

listen here

Ports of Call - Like Thieves...

I've had this album for a little while now but it has been on constant rotation on ye old itunes and the mp3 player(no i don't have an ipod, i have an mp3 player) the past 2 weeks. they're the best band i've heard in a long ass time. i just can't get enough of them. if i had a record label i'd sign them...oh wait...
they're having a CD release party on March 6th at the Kyhber in Philadelphia. we might just hop on the chinatown bus and head down there.

Check out some tracks from the record here

Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight

The band release their long awaited 3rd album digitally March 3rd(April 8th in hard copy format) on Darla. i heard it and i'd have to say it's as good as rest if not better. i doubt anyone will be disappointed.

1. Light Through The Canopy
2. Dub1
3. Broken Heroes
4. Grange Arcade
5. Civil Twilight
6. Axis Nears
7. November's Long Shadows
8. Stanfield Echo
9. Coasts
10. Geneva
11. Arc Of An Outsider
12. Hidden3
you can listen to November's Long Shadows on there Myspace page