Day For Night


got an email from these tonight. remind me a little bit of Levitation with Siouxsie Sioux doing vocals. big drums. they'll be playing with us soon i hope.


The Sounscapes-Here's When video


upcoming shows

Apr 23 2008 at Rehab (former Club Midway) - Self Storage Compilation Release Party Manhattan, NY

May 1 2008 at Galapagos - Crashin’ In Party with Silver Rockets, Exit Clov and Sunshower Orphans Brooklyn, NY

May 15 2008 at Trash Bar with Dead Leaf Echo, Screen Vynil Image and more Brooklyn, NY

May 17 2008 at Goodbye Blue Monday with The Stoics, Quiet Loudly and Lifejacket Brooklyn, NY

May 24 2008 at Siren Records with Fun Machine and Spaces For Morning Doylestown, PA

Jun 4 2008 at Rehab - The Naked Hearts Residency Kick Off Manhattan, NY

@Rehab April 23rd

This Wednesday at Rehab(25 Ave B) come celebrate the first release from Self Storage Recordings! a compilation featuring...
Auburn Lull
Dead Leaf Echo
The Invisible Kid
Le Ren
Panda Riot
Project Skyward
The Soundscapes
Ulrich Schnauss
limited to 50 copies in numbered handmade sleeves.

officially available in June...
preview some tracks at myspace. com/selfstoragerecordings

The Soundscapes, Dead Leaf Echo, El Jezel and Ports of Call will be playing live and Ryan Skyward, The Invisible Kid and Andy Durutti will be DJing all night long.



just found out the one of the LMG favorites, The Offering, have split up.

from the 2090 blog ...

the offering is all but no more at this point. i haven't heard from shane, chris, or brian in almost 3 weeks and i think the inevitable is total destruction. billy and i have started a new band that consists of only the two of us right now and hope to start playing live soon. it is with this that the blog of twenty ninety now officially becomes the blog of twenty ninety. if you're interested in hearing what we've been up to, take a look at our myspace ( and let us know what you think.

thanks for the good times.


2090 has some dope songs and i'm happy that charles and billy are still working together. i can't wait to see how it all pans out...

listen to 2090


just came across these guys the other day. actually they came across LMG. regardless, this stuff is fantastic.
from their myspace page...

"beta.beta was formed in the summer of 2007 out of pure coincidence when parixit walked into the teashop that adelin was working at, and asked if she'd like to sing. she'd never been in a band before, and parixit was at that point without a project.

a pow-wow over ice cream and monster mix later led to the inception of beta.beta, a blend of sexy, wistful, fun, electronic beats and sounds mixed with parixit & adelin's mutual desire for creating music you can escape to. "

big New Order vibe within the music(which i love). "Hello Hello Over and Out" is a little slice of heaven. i'm bopping along as i type this. "14th Street Station" makes me think a little of Saint Etienne with the subject matter of the lyrics. "Noise you can't Recall" is just a straight up hit. all in all these guys have a nice mix of electro and dreamy pop that we at LMG dig. we hope to have them play live very soon.

listen to beta.beta