A Certian Ratio returns...


it's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since new ACR material but after listening to the 3 offerings post by their new french label i'd say it's well worth the wait.

listen here

how to work the player...
it took me a minute to figure out how to get the player working. on
the right side next to the album cover there are the 3 songs. when you
click on one of them a player opens in a smaller window. then nothing
happens and it appears that it's endlessly loading. here's what you do.
in the player window, there is a white drop down menu on the right
side. click on the artist right below acr. it will show you a list of
songs by whoever. now go back to that white drop down menu and click
acr and then it will show you the acr songs. then click on one of the acr
tracks and it will start playing.

thanks to Cerysmatic Factory for the original info


240 Meserole St, Brooklyn NY
L Train To Montrose Ave.-walk 1 block
L Train to Grand St.-walk 4 blocks

Beta.Beta (9PM)

beta.beta was formed in the summer of 2007 out of pure coincidence when parixit walked into the teashop that adelin was working at, and asked if she'd like to sing. she'd never been in a band before, and parixit was at that point without a project. 
a pow-wow over ice cream and monster mix later led to the inception of beta.beta, a blend of sexy, wistful, fun, electronic beats and sounds mixed with parixit & adelin's mutual desire for creating music you can escape to. 

Following the release of the Nautilus EP in early 2006, the band retreated to create their debut LP, In Her Gentle Jaws. Set for release in December 2007, In Her Gentle Jaws takes the band's songwriting and arranging to breathtaking new places. From the sonic attack of "Sky Ghosts" to the lullaby calm of "Heavy Eyes", the Depreciation Guild have created a piece of music designed to be heard as a whole - an album filled with highs and lows, saturated in color, and drifting into dream. 
In Her Gentle Jaws was self-produced in New York. It was mixed in Chicago by Joshua Eustis, one-half of renowned experimental electronic group Telefon Tel Aviv. Eustis's resume includes work with artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Bebel Gilberto, Apparat, Robin Guthrie, and The Album Leaf. The record was then mastered back home in Brooklyn by Bill Racine. Racine assisted producer Dave Fridmann on modern classics from the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, and has more recently produced albums for Rogue Wave and Mark Gardner of Ride.

Luxa (11PM)

Formed By Andy Durutti and Kristen Stocks in January of 2008, Luxa has a dim relation to the newer offshoot genres of shoegaze, but enters greater landscapes with a volatile adventurism and a new kind of dynamism in its swirling beauty. raw and tender. complex and simple. consumable and out of reach.
In June Luxa went on sucessful four city mini-tour with Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull and Screen Vinyl Image. They are currently writing songs for their full length debut to be released in the spring of 2009, with a new single appearing in January.

Loveless/Seamless No. 2



Life's Road Movies (Winterlight Remix)-Kontakte
Oh! Vanity- The Charlatans
Here Are The Roses-Dragons
Sooner-Asobi Seksu
Scarlett Bliss-An April March
Act Of Truth-Dead Leaf Echo
Food Music-Appliance
Single Variation Of Two-Casino Versus Japan
Pot Noodle-The Black Dog
Incidental Peace-My Bloody Valentine Meets Skylab

Best of 2008 #1(tie) Auburn Lull-Begin Civil Twilight / Steiber Sound-Desire To Travel Ep


buy it


buy it? (it may be out of print. limited to 155 copies. you can try here: chatblancrecords@yahoo.com or contact Sean via the myspace link above.)

Best of 2008 #2 Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes


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The Soundscapes-Freestyle Family record release show 11/14 at Vanishing Point


got the album the other day and it's amazing. if you've never seen them live you need to do so this Friday and grab a copy of their new record.

from their email...

Dear Friends,

The Record is ready, starting to send it out. You've been amazing
towards us all the way, thank you!

The Soundscapes "Freestyle Family" - ten tracks produced, recorded and
mixed by John Davis at The Bunker Studios, in Brooklyn, the 6th
release by Brooklyn's label BNS Sessions. Official worldwide digital
release day - November 25th. More details about that in a few days.

In great spirits of celebration we want to invite you to the grand BNS
Sessions Record Release Party this Friday Nov 14th at Vanishing Point.
We will have available official copies of four new hot releases by
BNS, the greats Gunfight!, Fun Machine, Werewolves and Soundscapes all

Vanishing Point is located at 240 Meserole Street, half a block away
from the Montrose Stop - L Train. Convenient.



Best of 2008 #3 Moscow Olympics-Cut The World

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Best of 2008 #4 Soundpool-Dichotomies & Dreamland


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Best of 2008 #5 Dead Leaf Echo-Pale Fire


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Best of 2008 #6 Elika-Trying Got Us Nowhere


get it on itunes or what not.
i'm not sure if there are anymore CDs in print. the album is also available on white vinyl with an extra track which is way worth it. it's limited to 300 copies so that may be gone too...

Best of 2008 #7 Atlas Sound-Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel


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Loveless/Seamless No1



Snowflake in A Hot World-Mercury Rev
This Time-LSD and The Search For God
Butterfly Kisses-The Depreciation Guild
Connjur-School Of Seven Bells
Soft Like You(K.O.W. Radiophonic Rework)-Saint Etienne
Vuja De-The Orb
Wires-Voyager One
Snowfall Soon-Piano Magic
I'll Gather Flowers-Area
Last Light-Manual

*if for some reason you are the artist or own the copyright to the song and do not want us to feature you here for your own promotional benefit, please drop us a line at lovelessmusicgroup(at)gmail(dot)com and we will remove it asap...

Best of 2008 #8 Voyager One-Afterhours In The Afterlife

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Best of 2008 #9 The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws


web and free full album download

Best of 2008 #10 Pia Fraus-After Summer


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