Luxa to record new EP


Luxa are set to go into the studio next week and record the long delayed follow up to their single, Drawn to the Sea. Luxa is the new-ish band from Autumn Thieves main man Andy Durutti. the Ep will appear on Self Storage Recordings sometime in late April to coincide with a mini tour with Screen Vinyl Image and Ports of Call

you can download the the Drawn to the Sea single here for free...

Mahogany, Blacklist and more tonight at Mercury Lounge

this should be a good time...

Bowery Electric - Fear of Flying (VIDEO)


we've been super busy, hence the lack of posts. exciting stuff to tell you about in the next few days. mixes will return next week. in the meantime check out this video by Bowery Electric for Fear of Flying off their album Beat. if you're not familiar with them i suggest you do something about immediately...

LMG Exclusive - Ports of Call MP3 Mix


A Mix by Tom and Thomas from Ports of Call

On Your Own Again.mp3 Scott Walker
Things I Did When I Was Dead.mp3 No Aage
Mist.mp3 Shugo Tokumaru
Face To Face On High Places.mp3 School of Seven Bells
black white.mp3 The Raveonettes
Daily Routine.mp3 Animal Collective
Vox Celeste.mp3 Deerhunter
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur.mp3 Sigur Ros
My Game of Loving.mp3 White Noise
Quick Canal Part 1.mp3 Atlas Sound

Rex Nexus Mixes


here are some mixes our friend Rex has done over the last few years. no track listing for these but if you need them you can get them from him here. enjoy!

Gale Force Shoegaze 8 - Enter the Drone Roller #1

Gale Force Shoegaze 10
Gale Force Shoegaze 13
Gale Force Shoegaze 14-Retrogaz'n (music trivia mix)
Gale Force Shoegaze 15
Gale Force Shoegaze 16
Psyche-rolla mix
Bam Jangle Roll'n

Snow In Mexico


Snow In Mexico are Massimiliano Cruciani and Andrea Novelli. They live in Italy and they make beautiful music...

You and My Winter.mp3
Cinema 5010.mp3

download the EP for free from their website

Lmg Exclusive - Ulrich Schnauss Mp3 Mix

A mix by Ulrich Schnauss

01) P-Machinery.mp3 Propaganda
02) Ice.mp3 Daniel Lanois
03) Dont Use My Broken Heart.mp3 Leona Naess
04) Llife Of Surprises.mp3 Prefab Sprout
05) Darkest Dreaming.mp3 David Sylvian
06) Wind Was Playing With My Hair.mp3 Katharina Franck
07) Riesenrad.mp3 cosa rosa
08) Armageddon In The Rose Garden Part II.mp3 Edgar Froese
09) Riot in Lagos.mp3 Ryuchi Sakamoto
10) Mirage.mp3 Jean-Luc Ponty
11) Magical Dream.mp3 808 State
12) Sunflower.mp3 Quazar
13) Apollo.mp3 Voyager
14) Force Majeure.mp3 Tangerine Dream

or download the entire mix here
or here (courtesy of Wes)

Real Cool Rain, part 2


for those that saw the previous post and liked what they heard here is a handy .rar file of all the tunes that i previously posted (all of which were legally downloaded of their virb page) for a much quicker download.

Real Cool Rain.rar

Luxa, Elika and Arbol (ex Piano Magic) March 8th, Union Hall

if you're familiar with this blog or the LMG Myspace page then you already know all about Elika and probably Luxa too. if not, the links are there for you. opening the show is Miguel Marin who is perfoming as Arbol. he used to be a member of the excellent Piano Magic. check out his myspace for tunes and a lengthy bio.
this is a free show and also the birthday of your humble writer. should be a good time...

Screen Vinyl Image show Feb 14 moved to Pianos

from their website...

Our album release show for Interceptors has been moved from Vanishing Point in Brooklyn to Pianos in Manhattan. Same band line up with a fantastic DJ addition! All info is listed below.


SCREEN VINYL IMAGE (CD release party)


158 Ludlow NY

apparently VP has been having some issues with the local neighborhood peace officers...hopefully it gets sorted out

Real Cool Rain


mother of god...

from their page
"We existed from 1993 - 1996 in the DC suburbs on the Virginian side of the Potomac.
Everything we released is long out of print and this site is an attempt to make at least some of that available all its obscurity and imperfection.
We hope you enjoy.


i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am right now. so let's flash back to when i was a young lad, around 19. that was 1994 for those keeping score at home. i used to go to this great record store called Vinyl Ink in DC (it's were i picked up the Verve-Voyager 1 blue vinyl). i was way into the Durutti Column at the time, granted i'm always way into the Durutti Column, but i was looking the local and DIY indie section and saw a cassette that said something to the effect if you like the Durutti Column you'll love this. i asked the guy at the counter how he felt about that and he tried to sell me Windy and Carl. I passed on the Windy and Carl for Real Cool Rain. i was blown away by it. very raw yet beautiful and perfect. i'm no wordsmith, i'll be the first to admit, but i absolutely loved it. over the years the tape deteriorated because i played it so much and the fact that it lived in my car, which was not safe for animal nor human. plant life maybe... one day it broke and i was crushed. never heard anything about these guys ever again.
flash forward to the internet...
every couple years i'd do a search for Real Cool Rain when i was bored or started to think about awesome songs i hadn't heard in a long time. well tonight i struck gold. sure enough i typed it in and there it was on of all places. (i love the fact that they don't have a myspace page. so perfect.) and 9 songs free to download which you can also listen to here and download if you choose. i also found one of the members flickr pages with some posters of their old shows. since there's such little information about them i'm posting the captions to them as well. here we go...
snagged from Anthony's Flickr page...

"This is ancient history, just about 10 years ago now if not slightly more. I'd actually forgotten we'd played there. I have now vague recollections of the performance. It was fun putting together these flyers with Nate. Leka was a good band, a 3 piece. Nice people. I wonder where they are now."

"Sarina Simmom was this great band fronted by an extremely talented Jennifer Herbst. They totally blew us off the stage."

"Always ones for variety, we made a couple different flyers for each of the shows we did. As a band we recorded 4 albums (actually, slightly more) worth of material but only managed to play 10 shows total due to half the band being in university. The only time we had was holidays and summers and it actually was easier to record than to try to get shows. We'd practice for upwards of a month for just one show and I don't think we ever had more than 3 shows in a single month."

and now a selection of tunes that they made available for free on virb. i hope you enjoy them as much as i's great to have the old tracks from my driving days and hear some that i hadn't...

A Deserts Warning to a Late Night Tr.mp3
Am I In You.mp3
Can I Get One of You Smiling.mp3
Fountain of Youth.mp3
How to Say Goodbye in the Future.mp3

Thrushes are busy playing good shows....


Baltimore's Thrushes have a bunch of good shows coming up if you're in the area. their original drummer is returning too.

Feb 8th - WMUC Third Rail Radio- Live on the air! w/ Ceremony in College Park, MD
March 14th - The Talking Head Club w/ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Baby Aspirin
March 27th - The Ottobar w/ Asobi Seksu

Thrushes also have a track on the recently released Self Storage Recordings compilation...

and speaking of Factory Records....

this a is a great blog for all things Factory, past and present. i've been addicted to it for years....
props to John Cooper for keeping FCL alive...

Hotels, new album(free mp3), tour dates

Hotels reside in Seattle although they used to be based in New York. They always sort of reminded me of great Factory Records band, the Stockholm Monsters. Rich Bennett of Monocle played/plays guitar for them when he's on the west coast or they're out here. They have a new album coming out on Hidden Shoal Recordings February 14th. here's a tune they've been giving away for free...

01 Hydra.mp3

they've also got a ton of shows coming starting with a Valentines Day tribute show to Factory Records . the flier is sooper cool. how come no love for Factory in NYC? that needs to change...

Hotels tour dates....

Feb 14 2009 8:00P
Dancing On The Valentine Benefit Show (Covers) Seattle, Washington
Feb 20 2009 2:00P
Live In Studio Performance Seattle, Washington
Feb 20 2009 9:00P
Sunset Tavern- HOTELS CD Release Party Seattle, Washington
Mar 6 2009 8:00P
Bob’s Java Jive Tacoma, Washington
Mar 7 2009 8:00P
TBD Portland, Oregon
Mar 8 2009 7:00P
BBG Showroom Roseburg, Oregon
Mar 10 2009 8:00P
TBA Sacramento, California
Mar 11 2009 8:00P
The Rockit Room San Francisco, California
Mar 12 2009 11:00P
Live In Studio A Performance Davis, California
Mar 13 2009 8:00P
TBA San Diego, California

LMG Exclusive - Monocle MP3 mix

A mix by Rich Bennett of Monocle

Man From Mars.mp3 Ferrante and Teicher
Caravan.mp3 The Three Suns
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 14 I. Allegro.mp3 Samuel Barber (performed by Isaac Stern, Leonard Bernstein & New York Philharmonic)
The Northern Song.m4a The Superimposers
Tintinabulation.mp3 Environments

Elika this Thursday @ Monkeytown


Elika is playing this Thursday(2/5) at Monkeytown with Arms and Sleepers and The American Dollar

LMG Exclusive - Autorotation MP3 Mix


A mix by Robyn and Igor of Autorotation

Sequenza V.mp3 Luciano Berio
Passio Domini Jesu Christi secundum Joannem.mp3 Arvo Part
Are Animals.mp3 AU
Attack Ships On Fire.mp3 London Elektricity
Sing For Your Supper.mp3 Cathy Davey
Properties of Love.mp3 Nick Cohen
Unravel.mp3 Cajita
Comfort Zone.mp3 Paper Street Soap Company
Hearts on Fire.mp3 Rumskib
Not open yet.mp3 Ian Kelly

Mahogany - Night Time in Silk City @ Santo's Party House (VIDEO)


the 'Hog performing one of their newer songs last week at Santo's

Ulrich Schnauss - KCRW session

i had never seen this before, from October 2007

thanks to Tim for the tip...