Dead Leaf Echo "Truth" CD release at the Cake Shop April 4th


the DLE celebrate their 3rd release at the cake shop on april 4th. it's been mixed by John Fryer of 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet and has worked with Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget and the Cocteau Twins. it's limited to 100 hand mad and numbered copies. go and get yours.

Dead Leaf Echo CD Release Party!
Saturday April 4th Doors at 7:00PM

2 for 1 Drinks!!!!!!!!!

Dead Leaf Echo 9PM
The Jaguar Club 8PM
The Living Sea 7PM


Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St.
btw Stanton and Rivington
F to 2nd ave or J to Delancey

Slow - preview of Sealand (live set)


(ignore the fact that above it says "by andy durutti", that's not the case.)

recorded live by Sergey Suokas aka Slow as a preview to his debut for Self Storage Recordings entitled Sealand. due out April 2009. Sergey lives somewhere deep in the Russian Federation and his music reflects that. think Ulrich Schnauss but a little bit darker. also recommended if you like some of Manual's more ambient stuff. all three artists Slow, Ulrich, and Manual) have contributed mixes to this blog which you can find under the "LMG Exclusive Mixes" link on the right side of this page

Soundpool, Jaguar Club at the Bellhouse tonight (3/19)


Soundpool and The Jaguar Club play tonight at the Bellhouse. show starts at 7:30 and there's free Brooklyn Lager from 7:30 to 8:30 and it's only 5 bucks to get in.

Soundpool haven't played in awhile, they might be playing some new stuff tonight too.

The Jaguar Club are a 3 piece that play shambolic garage-y post punk with an obvious Morrissey fan as a singer judging from their myspace tunes. no idea what they're like live.

Audiomantra - Peru Radio


Screen Vinyl Image, Ports Of Call, Luxa on (mini) Tour in April

April 9th - Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC
April 10th - Manhattan Room - Philadelphia, PA
April 11th- Octoraro - Oxford, PA
April 12th - Fontana's - New York, NY (SVI and Luxa only)

Cactus Killer Radio


Lito Vales of the Astoria, Queens based dream pop outfit, Phillip Eno has a wonderful podcast series called Cactus Killer Radio. you can veiw the tracklist and download each and everyone right here. you can also subscribe to the RSS feed here. and what's more you can download every Phillip Eno album for free here. looks like you've got a listen to for awhile....

Longview (w/ Ulrich Schnauss) Dead Leaf Echo, and By Night With Spear 3/24 at Santo's Party House

Longview will be making a stop in New York after they hit SXSW. Ulrich Schnauss will be joining them on keys. Also on the bill are Dead Leaf Echo who have a new album out soon. You can hear a track off that here. Kicking the night off is By Night with Spear who signed to Self Storage Recordings in December. Their first EP, Fortune, will be availble at the end of March. Ulrich Schnauss and Dead Leaf Echo also have tracks on the excellent Self Storage Comp which you can get when you visit the myspace page. It has not and will not be release digitally. Ulrich will also be doing a DJ set after the show. Advance tickets are $9. $11 the day of the show.

Soundpool Inteview in The Deli

a high better than ganja
by Becky Firesheets

Soundpool’s heavily layered, dreamy tunes conjure up images of a queen soaring on a throne made of clouds, singing while her smiling band mates float beside her. Vocalist Kim Field’s pure, angelic voice ranges from sexy, deeper notes to high-pitched melodies that mirror her keyboard playing. Active yet appropriately subtle, drummer James Renard works with the bassist to form a tight rhythm section, creating an urgent, driving groove. The nonstop, ethereal synths compliment the angular, sometimes haunting guitar, which recalls the sounds of 70s psychedelia, 80s pop and 90s shoegaze. Soundpool’s supremely pleasing music leaves listeners with a euphoric high that’s only heightened in their dynamic live performances.

On your myspace page, the genre “shoegaze” is mentioned often. Do you guys write with a sound goal in mind?
Ceparano: The sound happens organically. It just started evolving more and we were getting a lot of attention from shoegazers. But we have multiple labels. Mark and James both have huge 80’s influences. Depeche Mode and Morrisey especially. We also like bossanova and Stereolab. We’re not going for one particular thing, but more of a collective collaboration. We make stuff up and then label it because we have to.

Why music, and Soundpool?
Ceparano: I love being in a band because it’s the ultimate creative outlet. With Soundpool, we have autonomy over everything. It’s nice having no director.
Renard: My older brother’s into music. When I was young, I used to hang around and watch him play. One day I just decided I could do the drumming. Then I found Soundpool on Craigslist...
Robinson: My dad and brother are musicians, too. I was shy as a child, but performing helped me get over that. Now I enjoy all the levels of it—performing and the creative process.
Field: My joining was kind of accidental. John and I were together for years when he started writing some material for a female singer. He asked me to try a harmony so I did, and he was like, “Oh my God, you can sing!” I kind of begrudgingly kept going, but also wanted to. I had fun learning how to write, but performing is still freaky. It gets easier though!

this originally appeared in the print version of The Deli mag a few months ago but made it onto their website today.

Loveless/Seamless 3


Don't Leave Me, Baby - Astrud Gilberto
Heaven's Knot - Spoonfed Hybrid
Southern Trees - Sub Sub
Your Selfish Ways - Locust
Self-Imperfectionist - Adorable
Summer - Dedo
The Gentle Nod(Remixed by Romakid) - Luga
So Special - SPC ECO
Velvet - Snow In Mexico
Echoes Answer - Broadcast
MockBa - Steiber Sound
Ghost Light Constellation - Dead Mellotron

download it here

The Antlers just played Union Hall, Sharon Van Etten


caught The Antlers at Union Hall last night by chance. bumped into the amazing Sharon Van Etten who told me she was singing back up with them so that peaked my interest. got the record today. beautiful stuff.

Sharon Van Etten

Sharon also has an album coming out soon which i will post about at a later date. she's ridiculously talented. you need to check her out.

here are 2 songs by The Antlers(the 2nd of which features Miss Van Etten) or you can stream the whole thing here...