Lawrence Chandler @ Make Music New York 2009


sadly the rain would not stay away and we had to move the whole thing to the Bellhouse at the last minute. it was very bittersweet.

this is an edit of Lawrence Chandler's beautiful 23 minute performance. it was shot by our friend Jason Banker. check out more of jason's film at

construction time again...


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"Yuki is Gwynn Reitz, Rob Guernsey, Tony Reitz, and Jason Crews. Past alliances include (but are not limited to): Svetlana, Majhas, Turncoat Serenade, Lunar Event, Endive... Taking pages from Shoegaze, Dreampop, Britpop, Experimental, and Alternative music, Yuki is a poppy, jingle-jangly, band that incorporates soft male and female vocal harmonies juxtaposed with loud, crashing tones. Some of their influences include Slowdive, Low, Charlatans UK, My Bloody Valentine, The Field Mice, 14 Iced Bears, Leonard Cohen, The Jesus and Marychain, Brian Eno... They rarely leave their humble basement. They spend most of their time writing, recording, and collecting gear."



"KILN construct radiantly textured soundfields that envelope and immerse the listener in a panoramic smudge of chromatic rhythms and syncopated tones."

for real...
amazing stuff...

listen to Airplaneshadows, which is on the Loveless/Seemless No. 5 mix

Loveless/Seamless No.5


Seekers Who Are Lovers(Remix) - Cocteau Twins
Courants Intimistes - Millimetrik
Underwater (Isan Mix) - Televise
Wish - Hammock
At The Seaside - Guitar
Time To Find Me(Come Inside) - Seefeel
Messages(BBC Session) - OMD
I Can See You(Fierce Panda Version) - Sing Sing
Circumstance - Real Cool Rain
Airplaneshadows - Kiln

download it here