Sonic Lullaby 1.0


Michigan based record label, Sonic Lullaby, recently released it's first compilation. excellent stuff. it's available to purchase via their myspace site.

check out this tune from RX Gibbs who also plays bass in Aurbun Lull...
Star Party.mp3

Deluxa website launched today...

Deluxa is a vintage store run by my lovely girlfriend Kristen Stocks. aside from being a great little vintage shop, there's also an ever growing selection and viynl hand picked by Loveless Music Group...

if you're in New York, stop by and say hello...

187 Sackett St

LMG Exclusive - Winterlight MP3 Mix

A mix by Tim of Winterlight

a note from Tim...
Often I go and sit and stare at the sea and listen to music at the Plymouth Hoe. it looks like this on a cold winter's day

It sounds like this...

You Were Never Here.mp3 Epic 45
Hope Valley Hill.mp3 Helios
Understand Theory.mp3 Luga
Guilty Conscience.mp3 Slow
Within the Boundaries.mp3 Daniel Land and the Modern Painters
Karola Bloch (Dialect remix).mp3 Port Royal
Robot Friend Sleeps Well.mp3 Jesper Lundager
Even.mp3 Oppressed by the Line
Fibra de Carbona y Cambios.mp3 Crisopa
LAPD vs NYPD (eluvium remix).mp3 Pacific UV

LMG Exclusive- Manual MP3 Mix


A mix by Jonas Munk of Manual

1. I Suppose.mp3 Puressence
2. Pray.mp3 Lycia
3. Burnt Flowers Fallen.mp3 Type O Negative
4. Ella Megalast Burls Forever.mp3 Cocteau Twins
5. Nothing Natural.mp3 Lush
6. Burning Bridges.mp3 Japan
7. Never Known.mp3 Durutti Column
8. Slo Peeq.mp3 Freescha
9. Shake off the Ghosts.mp3 Simple Minds
10. The Same Deep Water as You.mp3 The Cure
11. Fear Of Flying.mp3 Bowery Electric
12: Seaforth.mp3 Auburn Lull
13. Sunlight Seen Through Towering Trees.mp3 David Sylvian

download the entire mix here

new Durutti Column album


this is either the worst durutti album cover or the best. either way i love it.

new album out March 2nd...

SPC ECO just released thier debut album (mp3 only for now)


SPC ECO of course contains one Dean Garcia, formerly of the amazing Curve. if you like Curve you'll love this....

you can preview all of the tracks here


LMG Exclusive...Soundpool - Kite Of Love(NEW SONG)

here's a minute and a half clip of a new song by Soundpool called "Kite Of Love" off their yet to be released new album, Mirrors In Your Eyes.

Kite Of Love.mp3

Album of the Day...Dedo -Solar Days

this totally slipped throught the cracks on us. great guy, great record.

dedo is stefano panzera, a man in a bedroom that uses a computer
in order to make music.


Dedo, Solar Day, iTunes

Is a very great joy for me to announce the release on itunes and emusic of my album "solar day" for the Canadian label 9.12 records!

The release on CD, in the 9.12 records cds catalogue, is planned for 22 AUGUST 2008.

"solar day" contains 9 songs, recorded, produced and mixed by
Giacomo Fiorenza and mastered by Francesco Donadello at
Alpha Dept. Studio – Bologna Italy

1) deep
2) the gaze *(new version)
3) rain
4) running
5) the ballad of the 9 *(new version)
6) serenity
7) summer *(new version)
8) dancing by the river
9) goodbye *(new version)

* (new version): completely new versions of songs published in the previous ep "the Gaze"

thanks so much to 9.12 to records which has believed in me and thanks to all for your support!!!


01 deep.mp3
02 the gaze.mp3

Tribes of the City, new album, mp3s

one of our favorites, Tribes of the City, have released a new album. My estonian is a little rusty and i can't read their website...but it looks like it came out on January 9th. check out the mp3s below. good stuff, go get it.

01 Inverse.mp3
04 You Act Like Baby.mp3

Screen Vinyl Image release their debut album today

The debut full length by Screen Vinyl Image will be released January 27, 2009 as a joint label release from Safranin and Custom Made Music. The album will be released via 12 inch and include a CD for digital listening. Online stores will also be carrying this record. 11 tracks of fuzzed out guitars, slamming electronic beats, droned out samples, and tons of synths and special guest appearances from David Barker (occasional live guitarist) and Ceremony’s Paul Baker.

Preview the Record here:

04 Fever.mp3
06 Lost in Repeat.mp3

Ports Of Call - Washout (VIDEO)


sorry for the lack of posts lately. we've been in the process of moving the last 2 weeks and it's been very time consuming not to mention stressful. lots of good stuff going on that i want to tell you about. the artists playlists will return this tuesday, hopefully...

LMG Exclusive - Slow MP3 mix


A mix by Sergey of Slow

Ernst Bloch.mp3 Port-Royal

Too Young.mp3 Phoenix("Lost In Translation" OST)
Love is an Eternal Lie.mp3 The Sleeping Tree
Sound In A Dark Room.mp3 Telefon Tel Aviv
Rutti.mp3 Slowdive
Stay With Me.mp3 Clint Mansell (Performed by Kronos Quartet and Mogwai, "The Fountain" OST)

Slow also recently joined Luxa and By Night with Spear and signed to Self Storage Recordings and his debut album for the label, Sealand, will appear in March.

Dead Mellotron


lo-fi space rock via Louisiana. highly recommended.


Download the EP here for free or get it from the myspace

New album by The Invisible Kid

The Invisible Kid just released his long awaited 2nd album on January 6th. check out 2 tracks from it below.

03 Amber.mp3
Whered You Go.mp3

here are some remixes he's done too...
Acting For You (The Invisible Kid Remix).mp3

Sunshine (The Invisible Kid Remix).mp3
Autumn Thieves

Her Vanished Grace

Shell of Love (The Invisible Kid Remix).mp3
Dead Leaf Echo

The Depreciation Guild, Dead Leaf Echo, and Luxa this Thursday(1/8) at The Bellhouse


The Depreciation Guild, Dead Leaf Echo, and Luxa are playing this Thursday at The Bellhouse.

"In the shadow of the famous and brooding Kentile Floors sign in the burgeoning and classic neighborhood of Gowanus, The Bell House, a gorgeous new and unique music venue and lounge, opened its doors on September 18, 2008. The Bell House is a magnificent two-room music and events venue located at 149 7th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. It was crafted out of an old 1920's warehouse once used as a printing press, but more recently used as a fly-by-night shipping company."

This will Be your last chance to see Dead Leaf Echo for awhile as they're taking a break until March. Luxa will also be taking a break until April to do some recording. The Depreciation Guild on the other hand is going on tour with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in February.

LMG Exclusive - Auburn Lull MP3 Mix


a mix by Jason Kolb of Auburn Lull

Who No Waan Come.mp3 Wailing Souls
Winter Now.mp3 Broadcast
Golden.mp3 High Places
Would You.mp3 Richard Swift
Point of Contention.mp3 Fields of Industry
Logos.mp3 Atlas Sound
Angels and Devils.mp3 Echo and the Bunnymen

Album of the Day...Arab Strap-Cherubs EP


The leadoff song from 2000's Elephant Shoe was issued as a four-song single in the U.K. and the U.S. "Cherubs" is typical Arab Strap, with a slow, simplistic drum-machine beat supported by Malcolm Middleton's fragile guitar work, a gorgeous sample of twinkling piano, and atmospheric shadings. Aidan Moffat's lyrics are surprisingly optimistic, relating a hallucinatory image of post-coital bliss. The three B-sides -- "Motown Answers," "An Eventful Day," and "Pulled" -- are definitely second-drawer material, for hardcore fans only. The video for the A-side is also included on Jetset's U.S. version; on Go Beat's U.K. edition, a cover of the "Ben Kenobi Theme" from Star Wars can be found by scrolling backwards from the first track. by Andy Kellman

buy it

01 Cherubs.mp3

check back tomorrow for the Auburn Lull playlist!

Winterlight remixes Autorotation

Winterlight has remixed Mittelschmertz by Autorotaion. loves it...

Deep Cut to release debut album in February


Deep Cut, whom i've written about before, are releasing their debut album, My Thoughts Light Fires, on Club AC30 in February. Main man Mat Flint used to be in one of my favorite bands Revolver. Their excellent album, Cold Water Flat, is well worth seeking out. This is one band that is long overdo a reissue of some sort.

more about the new album from Deep Cut's myspace page...

Our debut album “My Thoughts Light Fires" is out on Monday 2nd February.

The album features ten tracks, and was recorded by our drummer Ian Button at the end of last year, in Vatican Studios and DCHQ in East London. It was mixed by the band in early 2008. The track listing is as follows:

1 Time To Kill
2 Thought Crimes
3 Failure To Bond
4 Commodity
5 Dead Man Walking
6 Just Chasing
7 Bullshit Detector
8 Freezer Burn
9 Automatic Instant
10 Rubbernecking

The album is released on 2nd February, but if you pre-order it will be shipped to you the week before, on 26th January. It costs £10 including postage.

click the link to pre order it from the great Club AC30

Album of the Day...The Orb-The Dream


pitchfork slammed it. i thought it was their best album in years

The Orb's 2005 classic on the Kompakt label -- aptly titled Okie Dokie It's the Orb on Kompakt -- easily proved that Dr. Alex Paterson and company could hang with the techno avant-garde of the new millennium, taking the minimalist blueprint of many who had followed the Orb and delivering a great record within that context. The follow-up The Dream is just as good, but in a completely different way. Ironically, it sounds more Orb-like than any other record they've done. (There's a certain inverse surprise in following the least likely record with the most likely.) The Orb's return to the green fields of sample-laden ambient-dub may not be welcome to all, but it's clear they've applied a few lessons learned from the Kompakt LP -- it's one of the best-produced of the Orb's career. Paterson returns not just with his own lofty production smarts, but with one of the other best British producers of the past 20 years, Youth, back on board for the first time since the dawn of the group. (The third member of this Orb is Dreadzone's Tim Bran.) The single "Vuja De" has everything in its right place: a bruising technoid bassline, clattering dubwise piano chords, and even an anthemic Eastern-styled female vocal that arrives at just the right time and works surprisingly well, despite its inherent poppiness. True to the title, the entire album is just as gloriously hazy as past Orb work. Granted, it rarely diverts from the pattern -- mind-expanding dub with excellent pacing and something always going on. (The "things" going on include, but aren't limited to, more vocal samples than any Orb album of the past; a ragga chatter named the Corpral popping up on several tracks; two different female vocalists, and Steve Hillage on guitar in four separate places). The Dream isn't just produced well but also programmed well, only slowing down after 73 minutes to a gradual halt on the dreamy underwater backbeats of "Codes" and the beatless closer "Orbisonia." After succeeding on someone else's terms, it's quite a feat to turn around and succeed on your own yet again.
by John Bush

buy it

02 Vuja De.mp3
04 A Beautiful Day.mp3

Clearscope-Autorotation (remixed by Le Ren)

Check out this great remix of Autorotaion's Clearscope by Le Ren. Nardo also plays guitar on the original version. The Le Ren track, Sunday Night, also appears on the Self Storage Recordings Compilation. There is another remix of Clearscope here. and stay close, because in a few weks we'll have an exclusive mp3 mix by Robyn and Igor of Autorotation. next week it's Auburn Lull...

Soundpool-Divides of March (Video)

sadly overlooked song from Soundpool's second album, Dichotomies and Dreamland (it was also a bonus track on the Japanese version of On High on Quince Records). it sort of got lost in the shuffle of being on two albums. shoulda-coulda-woulda been a hit...
filmed in Austin summer 2008

tra la la....

Happy New Year!

russian postcard circa 1959 that reads happy new year