Best of 2009 - # 7 Washed Out - Life Of Leisure


Washed Out - Life Of Leisure

Best of 2009 - # 8 SPC ECO - 3D


Best of 2009 - # 9 - Dead Leaf Echo - Truth

Dead Leaf Echo - Truth

Best of 2009 - #10 The Sunshine Factory - Vintage Revolution

The Sunshine Factory -Vintage Revolution

Screen Vinyl Image and Ceremony in Japan


November 5
Shinokubo Earthbom
Tokyo, Japan
w/ Ceremony

November 6
Kouenji UFO Club
Tokyo, Japan
w/ Ceremony

November 7
Nishiazabu Bullet’s
Tokyo, Japan
w/ Ceremony

November 9
Shindaita Fever
Tokyo, Japan
w/ Ceremony

Aarktica "In Sea" CD release show tonight(10/26) w/ Luxa


Come help celebrate the release of the 6th album by Aarktica at Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn tonight. Luxa plays at 10 followed by Aarktica at 11.

Harmonia & Eno '76 -Tracks and Traces reissue


i just got this the other day. i'd never heard it. and i've never heard anything like it. my jaw still has a bruise on it from hitting the floor. this is also being released as a double vinyl. i want it...

from the wiki...

Tracks and Traces is the one and only album credited to Harmonia '76, but it is generally regarded as the third album by the highly influential Krautrock/Kosmische Musik group Harmonia. Harmonia was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to Cluster, the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius. Harmonia '76 is the name assigned by Rykodisc, the label which released Tracks and Traces to Harmonia after British ambient musician Brian Eno joined the group. The recording sessions which resulted in this album took place in September, 1976, hence the name.

Tracks and Traces was recorded at Harmonia's studio in Forst, Germany. It was not released until November 4, 1997 by the American Rykodisc label.

Various websites quote Eno as saying that Harmonia was "the world's most important rock band" in the mid '70s, including Sherman Wick in his review of Musik Von Harmonia, the first Harmonia album. Daniel Dumych, who also cites that quote, writes in his article for "Perhaps Eno's reason for praising Harmonia so highly was that their music fit the requirements of ambient rock. Its music was equally suitable for active or passive listening. The careful listener found his/her attentions rewarded by the musical activities and sounds, but Harmonia's music was also capable of setting a sonic environment." Clearly Eno had been very impressed with both Musik Von Harmonia and Cluster's fourth album Zuckerzeit and had joined Harmonia on tour, first playing with the group at The Fabrik in Hamburg.

Jeff Melton, who reviewed Tracks and Traces for the Expose Progressive Music website, described the album, in part: "Overall the album is relaxing and evokes dream like images but doesn't force you to passively count sheep. For a lost project which had been unreleased for over twenty years, I'd say it's as current [as] any techno project if only for the strength of the collaboration and the blurring of egos." The album has only one vocal track, "Luneburg Heath". Jess Barnett, writing in her review for FensePost, comments that the song "has a strong Eno presence and a disembodied voice singing, 'Don’t get lost on Luneberg Heath'. The synth lines are twangy and muffled, repetitive but not boring." Ned Raggett, writing the review for Allmusic, says in part: "Having already created two excellent albums, the core Harmonia trio was easily placed to whip up a third, with Eno the wild-card factor who turned out to be a perfect addition. While contributing some lyrics and singing at a time when he was steering away firmly from both in his own solo work, most of the time Eno lets the band speak for themselves musically, most notably adding snaky, quietly threatening basslines."

After Michael Rother left Harmonia Eno continued to work with Moebius and Roedelius, recording two albums: Cluster & Eno in 1977 and After the Heat in 1978. Harmonia also continued to influence Brian Eno's work long after its demise. A review of Musik Von Harmonia on the Cult Cargo website cites the track "Ahoi" as "the blueprint for a couple of the tracks on Eno's Apollo LP, with its minimalist picked guitar and simple piano runs."

Bear In Heaven

i caught the brilliant Bear In Heaven at Union Hall a few weeks ago with Sian Alice Group(also excellent). I bought their Wholehearted Mess 12". it's a snarling piece of it's out now on Hometapes with the full length to follow soon...
they're on tour now too, so check there myspace on the link above listen to some tunes and then go see them.
Buy the glorious red marble vinyl 12'' for Wholehearted Mess here

Soundpool - Mirrors In Your Eyes(VIDEO)


Soundpool's Mirrors In Your Eyes set to Derek Jarman's Art Of Mirrors

new Syntaks album, Ylajali, out November 3rd


The new record from Jakob Scott and Anna Cecilia is due November 3rd on Ghostly International. Syntaks may best be known to most for the album Golden Sun with Manual but Jakob has had his hand in a slew of projects over the years. The new album is based on the character Ylajali from the book Hunger, written in 1888 by Knut Hamsun. It was it was recorded in the very spot the book was written. The record is a truly stunning and has been getting a lot of play around here lately.

for more info and a track listing check out the Ghostly International website.

new Port-Royal album, single, and video


the excellent new Port-Royal album, Dying in Time, is set to be released October 5th. the first single, Balding Generation(losing our hair as we lose hope) is available in mp3 format via n5MD. it features remixes from Ambidextrous, Jatun, and Bitcrush
this is the video...

Aarktica - Am I Demon(Video)


beautiful cover of the Danzig (yes, that Danzig) tune, 'Am I Demon?'

This and and 11 other haunters will be avaiable on the new record entitled, 'In Sea', October 27 on Silber Records.

Sharon Van Etten @Joe's Pub 9/4

The genius that is Sharon Van Etten is playing Joe's Pub Friday, September 4. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, then you know how much we love her. You should also grab her newly released album, Because I Was In Love, out on Language Of Stone, which scored a nifty 7.7 on pitchfork. I highly recommend you check out this show. Joe's Pub has one of the best sound systems in the city. It will be question....don't miss it.

Sharon Van Etten has a soft, strong soprano that trembles with slight vibrato in the long sustained notes. High, angelic, disembodied, without audible strain or breath, she traces out melodies, yet just when the tone seems too pure, she slips into the smallest earthy slides, the slightest Appalachian catches and yodels, an angel trying out the blues. You could imagine her as one of the 1960s’ long-lost flower children – more grounded than Vashti Bunyan, less overtly jazzy than Linda Perhacs, but in the same family. Still there’s a touch of modernity, of self-direction and self-reliance in her work that places her firmly in the here and now."
-Dusted Magazine

Meg Baird (The Baird Sisters, Espers) has been playing music with her sister Laura for as long as she can remember. The sisters were introduced to a trove of traditional material via Smithsonian Archives LPs early in life. Their natural gravitation to folk music must have been strong if they felt compelled to write to agencies associated with the Federal Government to unearth old tunes from the vaults. In preparation for Dear Companion, her first solo outing, Meg chose songs that showed signs of holding up to repeat listenings. The result a beautiful collection of melodies, some ancient, some old and some refreshingly new.

who the hell is Skypilot?

Great design and great songs yet absolutely zero information...i love it....

listen to these 2 songs and call me a liar...


go to the his/their website and grab 14 more brilliant tracks for free

Self Storage Recordings releases finally available online


LMG and it's label, Self Storage Recordings, are pleased to finally make available all of our releases through these fine online distributors. Northern Star, Darla, n5MD, and Tonevendor(sometime soon...).

Currently the Self Storage Recordings Compilation Volume 1 is sitting pretty at number 10 in Darla's best sellers. The compilation features songs from Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull, Soundpool, Elika, Winterlight, The Invisible Kid, Dead Leaf Echo, Thrushes, Project Skyward, Luxa, Panda Riot, Autorotation, Le Ren, Monocle, The Soundscapes, and Ifwhen.

The comp can can also be purchased, in person, at Other Music in NYC and every release is available at Deluxa in Brooklyn.

It's currently streaming in it's entirety on

Various Artists - Self Storage Recordings Compilation Volume 1
SSR 001

other titles available from SSR are

Luxa - Drawn To The Sea CD Single
SSR 002

By Night With Spear- Fortune EP
SSR oo3

Slow - Sealand LP
SSR 004

By Night With Spear - Cipher EP
SSR 006

Snow In Mexico - Snow In Mexico EP
SSR 007

Yuki just released an EP

Yuki is Gwynn Reitz, Rob Guernsey, Tony Reitz, and Jason Crews. Past alliances include (but are not limited to): Svetlana, Majhas, Turncoat Serenade, Lunar Event, Endive... Taking pages from Shoegaze, Dreampop, Britpop, Experimental, and Alternative music, Yuki is a poppy, jingle-jangly, band that incorporates soft male and female vocal harmonies juxtaposed with loud, crashing tones. Some of their influences include Slowdive, Low, Charlatans UK, My Bloody Valentine, The Field Mice, 14 Iced Bears, Leonard Cohen, The Jesus and Marychain, Brian Eno... They rarely leave their humble basement. They spend most of their time writing, recording, and collecting gear.

Indiana's Yuki just released their second EP on August 22nd. The title track is featured on the lastest Loveless/Seamless mix. grab it here.

Loveless/Seamless No. 6


Desertkarnival (Rua Rebuild) - Kiln
Dream About Me - The Depreciation Guild
Pony Play - Yuki
Self-Imperfectionist - Adorable
I Burn Myself On You - The Lionheart Brothers
Hazey Jane II - Nick Drake
Don't Stop - The Stone Roses
This Dark Matter - London Elektricity
Beaches and Deserts - A Guy Called Gerald
Acid Bells (Martyn's Bittersweet Mix) - Efdemin
Chinook - Loscil
Desert Nightfall - Reapxych.00
Fleeting Moment...Lost - Angelmark
From A Late Night Train - The Blue Nile

will someone tell me why Self-Imperfectionist was a fucking B-side and not a single? i mean really....

Dead Mellotron - 1993(VIDEO)


i love me some Dead Mellotron...

Mark Van Hoen @ Monkeytown, Friday, August 14th\\


Mark Van Hoen is the man, straight up. He's a legend and we're very pleased to be involved with this show at Monkeytown tomorrow night. Don't know who he is? He's a founding member of the highly influential band Seefeel. He formed the underated and sadly over looked band Scala (which was essentially Seefeel sans Mark Clifford). He's put out some amazing records in his own right, as Locust and Mark Van Hoen. He produced Out Of Tune, Excuses for Travelers, and Spoon and Rafter by Mojave 3. He produced both albums for Emma Anderson's post Lush outfit, Sing-Sing. And that's just the tip of the iceburg....

His new record is due early next year.

also on the bill are LMG favorites Dead Leaf Echo and Luxa.

this is going to be a solid night.

we hope you can join us for what will surely be an amazing show.

Bonus Tracks (via the MVH website) from the brilliant Locust album, Morning Light.
The Daydream Girl From Sea Land
Touched on Every Side

more free tracks here


Came across this yesterday on the old shoegaze forum, now a haven for self promotion and pseudo elitists. These guys caught my ear though. Big sound but a nice mellow vibe and good understanding of space. a very Slowdive/Mojave 3 feel without ripping them off too hard. find out for yourself at their myspace

Menkena is also playing in Dallas at The Prophet Bar on Friday, August 21st. check them out if you get the chance.

LMG Exclusive - Luxa MP3 Mix


A Mix by Andy Durutti of Luxa

I Believe - Jai.mp3
I Think Of You - Ivy.mp3
Elevator Love Letter - Stars.mp3
The Trees - Pulp.mp3
Dont Destroy Me - Golden.mp3
Spanish Heart(Featuring Bernard Sumner) - 808 State.mp3
Touched On Every Side - Locust.mp3
No Ordinary Morning - Chicane.mp3
SPC ECO - So Special.mp3
Always On - Zaza.mp3
Kinky Love - Pale Saints.mp3
Golden Heart Of The Year - ESP Summer.mp3
You Already Know - Swing Out Sister.mp3
Reason I Feel Like An Alien - Twenty Four Hours.mp3

Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) at The Bellhouse 8/10

Mark will be performing with a full band and performing Chameleons songs.
There's a wonderful - if apocryphal - story about the major-label A&R team that was dispatched to Manchester in the 1980s with instructions to sign the band that was making enormous waves in the north-west. The industry bods took one listen to the sounds at the Hacienda, and Geffen signed the Chameleons. The story goes that it wasn't until much later that someone told them they'd actually been sent to secure the Stone Roses.

The tale underlines the peculiar seductiveness of four lads from Middleton, Manchester, who should have shook the world. Sadly, just when they were on the verge of massive US success, they split in 1987 after the death of manager Tony Fletcher.

The oddest thing about the Chameleons' comeback is that they've carried on exactly where they left off, with their devoted fanbase still intact (the Verve and the Gallaghers reputedly among its members) and new album Why Call It Anything? picking up their trademark sound as if it were something they'd left in the garage.

In the old days, their elemental anthems came from somewhere deeper than a record company balance sheet, and this hasn't changed. When singer Mark Burgess loses himself in the still awesome Soul in Isolation, you wonder what on earth went on in those mysterious lost years.

The gig has an eeriness that makes for an untypical but thoroughly hypnotic two hours. In a low-key warm-up for their Manchester homecoming, the band mostly ditch the rockier numbers in favour of a stream of introspective songs. Of the old, the heroin-haunted Caution (from 1987's Strange Times, their sole work for Geffen) is particularly stunning. But the newer songs, with Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding's interlocking guitars at their telepathic best, have a positivity to match their melodies. Anyone Alive? stands defiant in the face of Dubya Bush, while Miracles and Wonders sees toaster/ percussionist Kwasi Asante step on stage for a beautiful and optimistic reggae lilt.

The Chameleons may have missed the commercial boat in 1987, but they have still made a fascinating voyage.

Panda Riot on tour...

Panda Riot are on tour this month. make sure you check them out....

Saturday, July 25th St. Louis, MO, The Firebird

Wednesday, August 5th Cincinnati, OHWOXY Radio live radio set

Wednesday, August 5th Chicago, ILBroadcast of our Live set on WLUW

Thursday, August 6th Pittsburgh, PAKopec’s bar w/ Aydin

Friday, August 7th NYC Pete’s Candy Store

Saturday, August 8th TBA

Sunday, August 9th Philadelphia, PAThe M room

Monday, August 10th College Park, MA The House of Awesome Times

Wednesday, August 12th Chapel Hill, NC Reservoir w/Minor Stars

Thursday, August 13th Athens, GA Caledonia Lounge

Friday to Sun, August 14th-16th Gainesville, FL Pop Mayhem Festival

we are playing @ the Atlantic on August 15th.

Saturday, August 22nd Chicago, ILPanda vs. Panda (loft show)

Saturday, September 19th live on WNUR

Wednesday Oct. 14th Chicago, IL The Empty Bottle, w/ School of Seven Bells

Mark Van Hoen, Luxa, and Dead Leaf Echo @ Monkeytown 8/14


LMG exclusive... Elika - Already Know

brand new song from Elika entitled "Already Know". enjoy...

new Aarktica record, "In Sea", this fall on Silber Records

can't wait...

new song here

Archway People next Monday(7/20) @ The Bell House


Archway People return next week in the front lounge of The Bell House spinning all your favorites, new and old...kicks off at 9PM

LMG exclusive... Jatun vinyl podcast

My friend Scott Worley of Jatun did an all vinyl podcast some months ago for a blog that ended up going under before it saw the light of day. LMG is honored to present it here for the first time...enjoy

Download parts 1 and 2 and the recording info here

pt 1:

- Stars Of The Lid - Requiem For Dying Mothers Part 1 and Part 2 - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid
- Hammock - Stranded Under An Endless Sky - Stranded Under An Endless Sky
- National Skyline - Some Will Say - This = Everything
- B.fleischmann - Sad Star - Sidone EP
- Ulrich Schnauss - Einfeld - Goodbye
- Manual - Stealing Thru - Isares
- Limp - City Speaks Tonight - Orion
- M83 - Teen Angst - Teen Angst Single
- Glowworm - Something Told Us That We Should Be Getting Home - Glowworm / Slyven 7" Split
- American Analog Set - The Green Green Grass - Set Free
- My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes - Loveless


pt 2:

- Sun Ra - Onward - Interstaellar Low Ways (formerly: Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus)
- Vince Guaraldi Trio - The Lady's In Love With You - Vince Guaraldi Trio
- Vince Guaraldi Trio - Yesterdays - Jazz Impressions
- Thelonious Monk - Monk's Mood (with John Coltraine) - Thelonious Himself
- Radiohead - Pyramid Song - Amnesiac
- The Notwist - N.L. - Shrink
- 33.3 - Joanne Will - Plays Music
- Couch - Plan - Profane
- Alles Vie Gross - Gaststätte - Vertonung
- Barry Black - When Sharks Smell Blood - Tragic Animal Stories
- 13 & God - Superman On Ice - 13 & God
- Ms John Soda - I & 8217 (Ms John Soda works adapted by Subtle) - While Talking

Lawrence Chandler @ Make Music New York 2009


sadly the rain would not stay away and we had to move the whole thing to the Bellhouse at the last minute. it was very bittersweet.

this is an edit of Lawrence Chandler's beautiful 23 minute performance. it was shot by our friend Jason Banker. check out more of jason's film at

construction time again...


going to be making some changes to the blog layout, so if you see any weird posts please ignore...


"Yuki is Gwynn Reitz, Rob Guernsey, Tony Reitz, and Jason Crews. Past alliances include (but are not limited to): Svetlana, Majhas, Turncoat Serenade, Lunar Event, Endive... Taking pages from Shoegaze, Dreampop, Britpop, Experimental, and Alternative music, Yuki is a poppy, jingle-jangly, band that incorporates soft male and female vocal harmonies juxtaposed with loud, crashing tones. Some of their influences include Slowdive, Low, Charlatans UK, My Bloody Valentine, The Field Mice, 14 Iced Bears, Leonard Cohen, The Jesus and Marychain, Brian Eno... They rarely leave their humble basement. They spend most of their time writing, recording, and collecting gear."



"KILN construct radiantly textured soundfields that envelope and immerse the listener in a panoramic smudge of chromatic rhythms and syncopated tones."

for real...
amazing stuff...

listen to Airplaneshadows, which is on the Loveless/Seemless No. 5 mix

Loveless/Seamless No.5


Seekers Who Are Lovers(Remix) - Cocteau Twins
Courants Intimistes - Millimetrik
Underwater (Isan Mix) - Televise
Wish - Hammock
At The Seaside - Guitar
Time To Find Me(Come Inside) - Seefeel
Messages(BBC Session) - OMD
I Can See You(Fierce Panda Version) - Sing Sing
Circumstance - Real Cool Rain
Airplaneshadows - Kiln

download it here

Make Music New York, LMG Style, June 21st


Make Music New York, described by city officials as “one of the largest musical events in the city’s history,” returns for a third year of free concerts in public spaces throughout the five boroughs of New York City, all on Sunday, June 21st, the first day of summer. MMNY takes place simultaneously with similar festivities in more than 327 cities around the world — a global celebration of music making.

From 11 in the morning to 10 at night, musicians of all ages, creeds, and musical persuasions — from hip hop to opera, Latin jazz to punk rock — perform on streets, sidewalks, stoops, plazas, cemeteries, parks and gardens. From high school bands to marquee names, MMNY is open to anyone who wants to take part, enjoyed by everyone who wants to attend.

Loveless Music Group in conjunction with Deluxa, Self Storage Recordings, Hidden Shoal Recordings, Make Music New York and Time Out New York give to you...


and yes that is the Lawrence Chandler, formerly of Bowery Electric

The LMG Monthly May 21st


By Night With Spear write up at Jezebel Music

from Jezebel Music

May 4, 2009

By Night With Spear

By Night With SpearAs spring bestows its seasonal virtues upon the city and connecting boroughs, a resounding feeling of hope envelops the land and the people. The visual body count goes up on the streets and any vestige of public land available for recreational use is quickly taken over. As people fill the streets and parks, they also begin to fill the bars and clubs at night – and it is here that the visage of the NYC music scene starts to show its vibrant colors. Outdoor festivals are aligned, barbeques are enlivened with live music, and flocks of people feel motivated to venture out to explore the options of the city. People make conscious decisions to exhibit local music, but how is it that they come to these choices?

People know what is delivered to them – and what is delivered through the local scene seems, for the most part, to be larger indie acts that already have the driving PR wheels behind them. When it comes to the fresh, up-and-comers new bands, those that are selected to be in the spotlight always tend to amaze and befuddle the smaller community of musicians and promoters that often see their work turned a blind eye to.

One particular worthy new band, that delivers those resounding surges of springtime hope is By Night With Spear. Unfortunately, they will probably only come into the x-ray view of the few fortunate enough to stumble across them and appreciate their offerings.

Their name was inspired by the American artist, sculptor and avant-garde filmmaker, Joseph Cornell. His last film, the silent 9-minute, By Night with Torch and Spear, was produced in 1979 and explores the world of a steel foundry. It’s exactly this type of artistic inclination and exploration that inspires their current body of work. Heavily influenced by 80s post-punk and British new wave, this four-piece, fronted by the lovely Anaben, proves that their worth their weight in spirit. After initial ideas of the group were discussed around 2004, the band finally began performing out in legendary and now deceased LES venue The Continental. With a recent show at Santos Party House with Longview and Dead Leaf Echo, and a current signing with Self-Storage Recordings (who plans to release their first two EPs), By Night With Spear will undoubtedly make an indelible impact upon those listeners that prefer their drops of beauty mixed equally with majestic power.

By Night With Spear will be performing at the outdoor music festival Make Music Make New York at Deluxa on Sunday June 21st.

by Gordon Sharp

Scala - Slide(VIDEO)



The LMG Monthy kicks off this Thursday (4/23)


things kick off this thursday with a the sharp little 2 band bill of Luxa and Telltale.


Brooklyn’s Telltale showcases an intriguing mix of experimental no-wave, reverb-soaked post-punk, and dark shoegaze. Featuring Eric Gilstrap, Laurie Ruroden, Stephan Cherkashin, and Lauren Andino, the quartet's ear-splitting washes of guitar feedback, deadpan chants and ominous droning wastelands doesn't so much blanket you as it does envelop you, overpowering you with Sonic Youth caterwauls and JAMC-esque walls of sound. The music churns in a slow burn, awash in effects, but there’s an aggression lurking just beneath the surface that maintains an uneasy atmosphere. There’s also a healthy dose of reverb to help wash down all the gauzy noise... "This will destroy you... and you will love every second of it." -The Free Times


Luxa has a dim relation to the newer offshoot genres of shoegaze, but enters greater landscapes with a volatile adventurism and a new kind of dynamism in its swirling beauty. raw and tender. complex and simple. consumable and out of reach.

doors at 7PM show starts at 8

coming up at The LMG Monthly

May 21st
Aarktica, Luxa, Millimetrik + more
w/ DJ Mark Van Hoen(Seefeel, Locust)

June 18th
Project Skyward, Himalaya + More TBA

Interview with Sergey Soukas of Slow


translated from here

Slow - ambient-project of Sergey Suokasa

Author: Bulat Sharipov 

Before the speech at a Moscow club young musician of Karelia Sergey Suokas 44100Hz tells about how his music a career, than the difference between copyright and Projects Slow Suokas, role of Scandinavia in his work in Sweden and why so many suicides ... 

44100Hz: Recently, the name of one of your projects, Suokas, often can be seen on posters big techno-festivals and apples plates known labels, such as, for example, Multivitamins. Have you had hoped for such a development a couple-three years ago? 

Sergey: I do not think that everything turns. Just wanted to write music. And then happily coincided circumstances. 

44100Hz: What? 

Sergey: It is not only creative but also life in general. For example, I went to work with the firm intention to deal only with music, although this has not been a single statement. And suddenly I began to invite me to clubs. In parallel, a lot of events happened in his personal life that have consistently not allowed to relax. 

44100Hz: So now you are not doing anything except music? 

Sergey: Yes, the music and just a pleasant thing. 

44100Hz: How do you allocate time among their projects - Suokas and Slow? 

Sergey: It happens spontaneously. Sometimes, like vyplesnut energy into the music, then this is techno, Suokas. When you want to relax, look at life more broadly, beyond time, it Slow. 

44100Hz: Slow - this is meditation? 

Sergey: Both meditation, in a sense. But Slow, of course, more profound.And sincere. 

44100Hz: sincere in the sense that you want to do it this music? 

Sergey: I try to put the sincerity of both projects. In Suokas more power, shaman dance. This music is suitable for танцпола when people are staying together. Mass meditation, in other words. A Slow - solitary. Therefore, it must get more deeply. 

44100Hz: If Suokas - this is music for the big events, what a place is suitable for Slow? 

Sergey: We played ambient in a cinema with the guys from Norway, it was great. It was the soundtrack to the film nemomu 1926-year "Mother" Vsevolod Pudovkin. In the winter we are Mental Overdrive and his wife Aggie during the week working in a studio in Tromso in the north. Future autumn, we plan to make several more times in Norway and in the next year - in Russia. 

44100Hz: Do you have a special relationship with Scandinavia. For example, a lot of the tracks named after the Scandinavian cities.Why? 

Sergey: Honestly, I do not know ... This is a secret relationship. Maybe Scandinavians perceive Karelia as part Ckandinavii and are looking for people who are close to them in spirit. 

44100Hz: Clushaya Finns like Vladislava Dileya, or Swedes, like Fever Ray, you might think that the cold and the dark polar night correspondingly affect the mental state of people living there. On the other hand, there is a nude disco and balearik in which the Swedes succeed. Perhaps the reason that - nostalgia for the spa heat? 

Sergey: I think everything is very individual. Swedes - the master copy, can make beautiful, fashionable, but their music little individuality. 

44100Hz: Nevertheless, Sweden can now claim to be a major country music, judging by the number of projects, which at the time of becoming successful. 

Sergey: Yes, they were always ahead. 

44100Hz: Thanks plagiarism? 

Sergey: Rather, the State, which cares for its people. In Swedish with children a lot of opportunities to grow in different directions. 

44100Hz: Why, then, is the highest number of suicides? 

Sergey: Because there is no fire, bored. And the Finns are just frozen people. 

44100Hz: How do you think of the suicide and the desire to create a roots music? In addition to boredom? 

Sergey: I know that in a state of despair is very good and great music, go out and hidden deep within the emotions. You zlishsya, for example, or offended, or very sad. In all of this creativity can be released. Especially in the technology. In the percussion takes aggression. In psychedelia and events happening in the background meditation. And in principle, constant repetition is something divine. 

44100Hz: For people who listen to, this principle works in the same direction, or vice versa? They are charged or discharged? 

Sergey: On the dance floor is - the exchange of energy, and in the process of creating the track - an emotional discharge. Music is seen as a language.People are meditating in a dance with me, and the exchange occurs between the aggression, which are released in the dance. 

44100Hz: Project Slow - What are the emotions he goes? 

Sergey: Emotions are different: love, sadness, fear. But they did not play a major role as a filter. The more I manage to convey infinity, wisdom, so I am more than happy track. Most importantly - it is the inner harmony and purity, openness, honesty, intuition. Often most of the problems, especially in the works, due to the fact that too much thinking. And intuition is helping to set up and do the right steps. You intuitively feel the music, and from this it becomes even more music. Because the language of feelings in the music dominates. 

44100Hz: Tell me about the next steps the project Slow. What we hear in "Shanti" on your statement? 

Sergei: There is something to load and may be a bit flashy. The fact that in April will be released as an album of "Sealand". This is my first official album.I would be happy to be free to put his music on the site. But someone is doing better than me. With their help, more people will hear it. / slowartist  

Shanti, 22 April 
Myasnitskaya proezd, 2 / 1 
Start: 20:00 
Live: Slow 
DJ: Anrilov, Khz 

Admission: free

his album Sealand with be available in May from Self Storage Recordings 

LMG is now on Facebook....


one more way to stay up to date with all the happenings at LMG. we'll be doing a monthly at Fontana's starting  Thursday, April 23rd. go here and add us to find out who is playing...

Screen Vinyl Image, Luxa...Tonight (4/12) @ Fontana's



SVI and Luxa wrap up their mini tour tonight in NYC at Fontana's.

April 9th, Velevet Lounge, Washington DC


Ports Of Call

Screen Vinyl Image