The LMG Monthy kicks off this Thursday (4/23)


things kick off this thursday with a the sharp little 2 band bill of Luxa and Telltale.


Brooklyn’s Telltale showcases an intriguing mix of experimental no-wave, reverb-soaked post-punk, and dark shoegaze. Featuring Eric Gilstrap, Laurie Ruroden, Stephan Cherkashin, and Lauren Andino, the quartet's ear-splitting washes of guitar feedback, deadpan chants and ominous droning wastelands doesn't so much blanket you as it does envelop you, overpowering you with Sonic Youth caterwauls and JAMC-esque walls of sound. The music churns in a slow burn, awash in effects, but there’s an aggression lurking just beneath the surface that maintains an uneasy atmosphere. There’s also a healthy dose of reverb to help wash down all the gauzy noise... "This will destroy you... and you will love every second of it." -The Free Times


Luxa has a dim relation to the newer offshoot genres of shoegaze, but enters greater landscapes with a volatile adventurism and a new kind of dynamism in its swirling beauty. raw and tender. complex and simple. consumable and out of reach.

doors at 7PM show starts at 8

coming up at The LMG Monthly

May 21st
Aarktica, Luxa, Millimetrik + more
w/ DJ Mark Van Hoen(Seefeel, Locust)

June 18th
Project Skyward, Himalaya + More TBA

Interview with Sergey Soukas of Slow


translated from here

Slow - ambient-project of Sergey Suokasa

Author: Bulat Sharipov 

Before the speech at a Moscow club young musician of Karelia Sergey Suokas 44100Hz tells about how his music a career, than the difference between copyright and Projects Slow Suokas, role of Scandinavia in his work in Sweden and why so many suicides ... 

44100Hz: Recently, the name of one of your projects, Suokas, often can be seen on posters big techno-festivals and apples plates known labels, such as, for example, Multivitamins. Have you had hoped for such a development a couple-three years ago? 

Sergey: I do not think that everything turns. Just wanted to write music. And then happily coincided circumstances. 

44100Hz: What? 

Sergey: It is not only creative but also life in general. For example, I went to work with the firm intention to deal only with music, although this has not been a single statement. And suddenly I began to invite me to clubs. In parallel, a lot of events happened in his personal life that have consistently not allowed to relax. 

44100Hz: So now you are not doing anything except music? 

Sergey: Yes, the music and just a pleasant thing. 

44100Hz: How do you allocate time among their projects - Suokas and Slow? 

Sergey: It happens spontaneously. Sometimes, like vyplesnut energy into the music, then this is techno, Suokas. When you want to relax, look at life more broadly, beyond time, it Slow. 

44100Hz: Slow - this is meditation? 

Sergey: Both meditation, in a sense. But Slow, of course, more profound.And sincere. 

44100Hz: sincere in the sense that you want to do it this music? 

Sergey: I try to put the sincerity of both projects. In Suokas more power, shaman dance. This music is suitable for танцпола when people are staying together. Mass meditation, in other words. A Slow - solitary. Therefore, it must get more deeply. 

44100Hz: If Suokas - this is music for the big events, what a place is suitable for Slow? 

Sergey: We played ambient in a cinema with the guys from Norway, it was great. It was the soundtrack to the film nemomu 1926-year "Mother" Vsevolod Pudovkin. In the winter we are Mental Overdrive and his wife Aggie during the week working in a studio in Tromso in the north. Future autumn, we plan to make several more times in Norway and in the next year - in Russia. 

44100Hz: Do you have a special relationship with Scandinavia. For example, a lot of the tracks named after the Scandinavian cities.Why? 

Sergey: Honestly, I do not know ... This is a secret relationship. Maybe Scandinavians perceive Karelia as part Ckandinavii and are looking for people who are close to them in spirit. 

44100Hz: Clushaya Finns like Vladislava Dileya, or Swedes, like Fever Ray, you might think that the cold and the dark polar night correspondingly affect the mental state of people living there. On the other hand, there is a nude disco and balearik in which the Swedes succeed. Perhaps the reason that - nostalgia for the spa heat? 

Sergey: I think everything is very individual. Swedes - the master copy, can make beautiful, fashionable, but their music little individuality. 

44100Hz: Nevertheless, Sweden can now claim to be a major country music, judging by the number of projects, which at the time of becoming successful. 

Sergey: Yes, they were always ahead. 

44100Hz: Thanks plagiarism? 

Sergey: Rather, the State, which cares for its people. In Swedish with children a lot of opportunities to grow in different directions. 

44100Hz: Why, then, is the highest number of suicides? 

Sergey: Because there is no fire, bored. And the Finns are just frozen people. 

44100Hz: How do you think of the suicide and the desire to create a roots music? In addition to boredom? 

Sergey: I know that in a state of despair is very good and great music, go out and hidden deep within the emotions. You zlishsya, for example, or offended, or very sad. In all of this creativity can be released. Especially in the technology. In the percussion takes aggression. In psychedelia and events happening in the background meditation. And in principle, constant repetition is something divine. 

44100Hz: For people who listen to, this principle works in the same direction, or vice versa? They are charged or discharged? 

Sergey: On the dance floor is - the exchange of energy, and in the process of creating the track - an emotional discharge. Music is seen as a language.People are meditating in a dance with me, and the exchange occurs between the aggression, which are released in the dance. 

44100Hz: Project Slow - What are the emotions he goes? 

Sergey: Emotions are different: love, sadness, fear. But they did not play a major role as a filter. The more I manage to convey infinity, wisdom, so I am more than happy track. Most importantly - it is the inner harmony and purity, openness, honesty, intuition. Often most of the problems, especially in the works, due to the fact that too much thinking. And intuition is helping to set up and do the right steps. You intuitively feel the music, and from this it becomes even more music. Because the language of feelings in the music dominates. 

44100Hz: Tell me about the next steps the project Slow. What we hear in "Shanti" on your statement? 

Sergei: There is something to load and may be a bit flashy. The fact that in April will be released as an album of "Sealand". This is my first official album.I would be happy to be free to put his music on the site. But someone is doing better than me. With their help, more people will hear it. / slowartist  

Shanti, 22 April 
Myasnitskaya proezd, 2 / 1 
Start: 20:00 
Live: Slow 
DJ: Anrilov, Khz 

Admission: free

his album Sealand with be available in May from Self Storage Recordings 

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Screen Vinyl Image, Luxa...Tonight (4/12) @ Fontana's



SVI and Luxa wrap up their mini tour tonight in NYC at Fontana's.

April 9th, Velevet Lounge, Washington DC


Ports Of Call

Screen Vinyl Image



known about these guys for awhile but i always forget to post about them.
good dark stuff...

you can download a three song free EP here.

they're also going on tour with the hyped out pains of being pure at heart in late april 

Vanishing Point presents... Tonight(4/4) at Public Assembly


AUDN (midnight)
 quintet Audn combines the swirling layers of early shoegaze sound with ringing psychedelic guitars, intricate Kraut-rock-inspired textures and a Madchester sensibility. With intertwining guitar and vocal melodies, shifting rhythms, Audn's spacey shoegaze is dreamy but focused.

SOFT (11pm)
Taking the psychedelic pop of Manchester's finest, The Stone Roses, as a starting point, and incorporating the lush atmospherics favored by the shoegazers who supplanted them in the early 90's, Soft has condensed a five year era of British music into one seamless, signature sound.

SOREN WELL (10 pm)
Maybe Soren Well feels like falling out of the sky a into that place where those babes serve xanax cupcakes on ice skates and bite your ear but it feels good instead of hurting or feeling bad.

"Telltale’s thick, reverb-soaked post-punk doesn’t so much blanket you as it does envelop you, overpowering you with Sonic Youth-inspired caterwauls and Jesus and Mary Chain-esque walls of sound. This will destroy you, reader, and you will love every second of it" - Free Times (Columbia, SC).

Born in the jungles of West Bengal and on the banks of Wisconsin, these individuals found homes in New York City and brought their musical influences together to form a uniquely powerful pop-rock band.

DJ set by ELIKA

Sat, April 4th @ Public Assembly (Back Room)
8 pm/ $8 / 21+

$3 well vodka drinks till 10 pm.

Loveless/Seamless 4

Green Army Choir - Autorotation
Hearing Lights - By Night With Spear
Stars - The Clean
My Girls - Animal Collective
Gracedelica(Black Star Liner - Live At The Leopard Lounge) - Dark Star
Song For Sunshine - Belle & Sebastian 
Oh Boy, The Feeling When You Held My Hand - Sarah Cracknell
No One In The World - Locust
The Samurai In Autumn Pet Shop Boys
Surface To Air - The Chemical Brothers