LMG Exclusive: Dead Leaf Echo MP3 mix


A mix by LG of Dead Leaf Echo

Knife Ves.mp3 Burning Giraffe
Nereus(Spirits Over The Lake).m4a Emeralds
Titanic Sofas.mp3 Sore & Steal
Outshine The Sun.mp3 Belltower
Sweetness and Light (Kevin Shield Remix).mp3 Lush
Stuntman.mp3 The Edsel Auctioneer
Flowers Falling Sideways.mp3 Presents for Sally
Cha Cha Cha RopeBender Remix.m4a Polak
The Morrow.mp3 Michael Nyman
Lets Not Talk It Over.mp3 Outer Limits

Tribes of the City-A Day in the City(video)


Album of the Day...Mark Hollis

from allmusic.com...
Achingly gorgeous and hauntingly stark, Mark Hollis' self-titled debut picks up where he left off with Talk Talk's Laughing Stock seven years earlier, re-emerging at the nexus point where jazz, ambient, and folk music collide. It's quite possibly the most quiet and intimate record ever made, each song cut to the bone for maximum emotional impact and every note carrying enormous meaning. Hollis paints his music in fine, exquisite strokes, with an uncanny mastery of atmosphere that's frequently devastating. And if anything, his singularly resonant voice has grown even more plaintive with the passage of time, which -- combined with the understated artistry and minimalist beauty of tracks like "The Colour of Spring" and "Watershed" -- makes Mark Hollis a truly unique and indelible listening experience. His obvious understanding of the power of silence aside, one prays he doesn't again wait for the seven-year itch to strike before returning.
by Jason Ankeny

buy it

Hidden Shoal Recordings


Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Heart

Perth’s mythic isolation is oft romanticised. The most isolated city in the world according to popular media. Whilst there is a thread in this romanticism that rings true, we think there is a more interesting notion of distance at play with our artists. Over the last 10 years we have witnessed a minor retreat from the stage to the home studio amongst our musical kin. It is this inner space and padding from the outside that has nurtured a purposeful and useful remoteness. A space where unresolved aesthetics gambol with an unrestrained playfulness. We embrace this space, as do our artists; each in their unique voice.

So much aural wonder lay around us and reached no further than one hundred people. “Lets make a device to hurtle our work into the world”, “sure….sure……yeh…..lets do that.” and thus Hidden Shoal Recordings was born early 2006 in Perth, Western Australia.

Just listen from a distance to the distance. Work it out later.

The Body

Hidden Shoal Recordings’ current catalogue includes releases that slip between the edges of experimental ambient work, shoegazing pop, post-rock and indie rock. The label has earned a reputation for releasing exciting and engaging new independent music unbound by genre or style. Hidden Shoal Recordings was recently chosen as one of the top ten favourite labels of 2007 by Textura magazine and has been dubbed “This generations 4AD” by prominent New York radio host DJ Mojo.

The Hidden Shoal Team

Home to NYC's own Monocle and the excellent Ghost In The Water, many, many more...

My Lil Underground @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia (DJs from Ports of Call)

Tom and Thomas from Ports of Call are starting a new DJ party (to include bands later down the road) at the oddly named Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia called My Lil Underground. It kicks of January 20th which is also Inauguration Day. Kung Fu Necktie is located on Front and Thompson streets. Starts at 9, goes til 2. free to get yer dance on...

Elika-Let Down(video)

Elika - Let Down

Fantastic 2nd video from the excellent Trying Got Us Nowhere album. directed again by Will Joines.

Elika plays the Club NME showcase which i assume is still at the Annex on January 8th and Monkeytown on February 5th

Autorotation Remix Competition

from their myspace blog...

We are running a remix competition for our next full-length CD.

Have a listen to our two top tracks, Mittelschmertz and Clearscope, and get the files here:


Individual tracks are encoded as 320kbps MP3s (let us know if you need any other format).

Deadline is 15-January-2009.

The best track will be included on the CD. The best of the rest will be featured on our web site.

Many thanks.

i've done one for clearscope and it's killer, at least i think so....
01 Clearscope (Andy Durutti Remix).mp3

Album(s) of the Day...The Durutti Column

Circuses and Bread
My favorite DC album, includes the heart breaking Tomorrow and one of my all time favorites, Royal Infirmary.
buy it
probably on iTunes too

06. Royal Infirmary.mp3

Idiot Savants
great understated album from 2007. favorites include, Gathering Dust, Whisper to the Wind, and That Blows My Name Away.
buy it
also on iTunes and other such sites

06 Gathering Dust.mp3

Album of The Day...Manual-Confluence


Confluence couldn't have arrived at a better time to my geographical location. After an extremely-extended summer that found me running around in shorts and playing tennis into early November, a dramatic weather about-face finally arrived and left no doubt what time of year it really was. It's the sort of weather when a stiff, freezing wind will either leave you feeling wilted and wanting for a pile of warm blankets and bed, or slightly emboldened and ready to put up more of a fight as the daylight hours dwindle away even further.

And so the new album by long-running Danish musician Jonas Munk (aka Manual) feels right at home. The third installment in his series of ambient albums (following up on The North Shore and Bajamar), it's a much darker effort, with huge cloud banks of heavily processed guitar mingling with occasional piano refrains. In fact, one can definitely hear the Eno/Budd influence at work on pieces like the thirteen-minute "Confluence," which puffs out deep breaths of overlapping drones as spare ivory notes linger in the background and finally step out into the daylight as the fog recedes. In other places (like the opener "Blue Stone"), the tone is colder, with nothing but sparse, groaning chord washes that manage to create a nice sense of space.

Overall, it's a much more solid effort from Munk, who has tended to dabble into pretty lightweight territory in the past. It still happens here in places (as with the wavering soft synths in the background of "Sanctuary"), but the release definitely tends to err on the side of deeper and darker, and the result is an eight track, hourlong journey that provides some nice ambient backdrop without getting either too new age or doom-laden. As such, it will make a decent soundtrack whether you decide to go ahead and jump back in bed on a cold day or grit your teeth and continue the walk forward.

from almostcool.org

on myspace

buy it

07 Sanctuary.mp3

Did you know...?


...that Seefeel recently played their first show in a million years on October 24th in the Ukraine of all places?
from their myspace blog...

For the first time in over a decade Seefeel will be reconvening for select live shows in the near future...

However, for various logistical reasons (mostly geographical) Justin and Daren will be unable to join Mark and Sarah for this reunion. Filling in for Justin is Iida Kazuhisa (E-da, former 'Boredoms' drummer) and on bass is Shigeru Ishihara (aka DJ Scotch Egg).

More dates are on the horizon, but in the interim here are some live videos from a recent Seefeel performance at the 'Kvitnu Fest' in Ukraine from October 24, 2008...

who wants them to come the states? we do...

big weekend at Vanishing Point Dec 19 and 20

On friday it's The Soundscapes(last minute addition)28 Degrees Taurus, Dead leaf Echo and Her Vanished Grace.
The Sounscapes kill it, that's all i have to say and that's all you need to know. they rule. i've seen 28 degrees once at pianos back in March. i was quite entertained for the first 20 minutes but they played a bit to long for my taste and i forgot about the tunes i liked. lots of good energy though. DLE are favorites round these parts and never fail to impress. 2009 should be their year. Her Vanished Grace is and old school LMG favorite. we did one of our first shows with them way back when. also a good time and they pump out the albums like no one i know. solid band, totally worth showing up early for.

On Saturday it's Project Skyward, The Invisible Kid, and Screen Vinyl Image and Brian from Elika DJing.
Project Skywards' return to the live scene the last few months has been going quite well. with an entirely new line up; new singer and guitarist, they've been working out some material for a new album. things are looking bright after quite some time away. The Invisible Kid (aka The Danimal to those who know him well) rocks it hard, with his Ride-esqe guitar and his big Madchester beats. always a crowd pleaser. SVI, what can you about them, they're "a little loud" like Jesus got "a little crucified".(brightestyoungthings.com) Jake and Kim are about the raddest people we know. always loud, always good.

SVI also have a record coming out early next year called...

you can preview it here

should be a hell of a weekend...
and of course this all takes place at Vanishing Point

Album of the Day...Playing With Time-Mark Van Hoen

allmusic.com review by james mason

One of the more underappreciated artists in the British electronica scene, Mark Van Hoen states his case for the defense of the genre with Playing With Time. Firmly in the late-'90s lush-ambient sound (that he helped establish through his work with Seefeel, Scala, and Locust), the album is a collection of generally short tracks (all but two under five minutes), each with a distinct mood. Perfectly sequenced, the album begins with "Real Love," featuring the heavily processed vocals of Holli Ashton (who appeared on Locust's Morning Light album) over a sparse dark ambient background, highly reminiscent of early Seefeel. While not continuously mixed, the tracks have distinct ebb and flow between them, carrying one over to another while simultaneously having distinct beginnings and endings. An ambient piece will be followed by a more beat-oriented track, and then something in between. The album closes with a majestic trilogy, "When Tomorrow Comes," "Love Is All" and an unnamed track. "Tomorrow" is a majestic keyboard / faux-orchestral piece, and fades seamlessly into "Love Is All," the other track on the record with vocals, this time from Lisa Millet. Van Hoen treats the vocal with heavy echo, delay, and other DSP effects to weave a tapestry of true subtle, shimmering beauty. The untitled closing track places the listener in ambient territory staked out decades previous by Brian Eno. Composed of several simple piano loops and a simple electronic bassline, the track is set in motion and allows the loops to play off and against each other over the course of its 30 minutes. This is a good album for newcomers to electronic music, as it is melodic, danceable, and chilled out, all in the space of 78 minutes.

on myspace
buy it

01 Real Love.mp3

Winterlight - Suddenly Something Good video


speaking of Winterlight...
check out the beautiful video directed Jack Lane
:::::Winterlight | Sudenly Something Good:::::

from the Winterlight Myspace blog...

suddenly something good release and video

To coincide with its release on the very first compilation from self storage records, Jack Lane has kindly made a beautiful video for 'suddenly something good'. You can look at it at http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=47675980 please leave a nice comment about his wonderful imagery.

Self storage recordings is the label set up by the impossibly cool new york promotion/musician/etc collective loveless music group and features ulrich schnauss, soundpool, auburn lull, elika and a host of other great acts. You were to be able to buy it from me but customs has slapped a huge duty on my copies thinking I love the cd so much i bought 30 copies; so in the meantime you could google northern star records and go and get a copy there. It really is a ghreat album, details can be found at http://www.myspace.com/selfstoragerecordings


cheers to Tim for a beautiful song and video!


seriously awesome new album from the London 3 piece
check out their myspace and then buy the record here
also check out their track on our latest podcast remixed by our good friend Winterlight (who also has a track on the Self Storage Comp)

Supersonic Sound Fest 08 Tour

if you happen to be in or traveling to Indonesia, this looks pretty impressive....

the bands...








Perfect Angel

The Milo

Bleary eyes





Amnesiac Syndrome

Individual life


A Certian Ratio returns...


it's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since new ACR material but after listening to the 3 offerings post by their new french label i'd say it's well worth the wait.

listen here

how to work the player...
it took me a minute to figure out how to get the player working. on
the right side next to the album cover there are the 3 songs. when you
click on one of them a player opens in a smaller window. then nothing
happens and it appears that it's endlessly loading. here's what you do.
in the player window, there is a white drop down menu on the right
side. click on the artist right below acr. it will show you a list of
songs by whoever. now go back to that white drop down menu and click
acr and then it will show you the acr songs. then click on one of the acr
tracks and it will start playing.

thanks to Cerysmatic Factory for the original info


240 Meserole St, Brooklyn NY
L Train To Montrose Ave.-walk 1 block
L Train to Grand St.-walk 4 blocks

Beta.Beta (9PM)

beta.beta was formed in the summer of 2007 out of pure coincidence when parixit walked into the teashop that adelin was working at, and asked if she'd like to sing. she'd never been in a band before, and parixit was at that point without a project. 
a pow-wow over ice cream and monster mix later led to the inception of beta.beta, a blend of sexy, wistful, fun, electronic beats and sounds mixed with parixit & adelin's mutual desire for creating music you can escape to. 

Following the release of the Nautilus EP in early 2006, the band retreated to create their debut LP, In Her Gentle Jaws. Set for release in December 2007, In Her Gentle Jaws takes the band's songwriting and arranging to breathtaking new places. From the sonic attack of "Sky Ghosts" to the lullaby calm of "Heavy Eyes", the Depreciation Guild have created a piece of music designed to be heard as a whole - an album filled with highs and lows, saturated in color, and drifting into dream. 
In Her Gentle Jaws was self-produced in New York. It was mixed in Chicago by Joshua Eustis, one-half of renowned experimental electronic group Telefon Tel Aviv. Eustis's resume includes work with artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Bebel Gilberto, Apparat, Robin Guthrie, and The Album Leaf. The record was then mastered back home in Brooklyn by Bill Racine. Racine assisted producer Dave Fridmann on modern classics from the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, and has more recently produced albums for Rogue Wave and Mark Gardner of Ride.

Luxa (11PM)

Formed By Andy Durutti and Kristen Stocks in January of 2008, Luxa has a dim relation to the newer offshoot genres of shoegaze, but enters greater landscapes with a volatile adventurism and a new kind of dynamism in its swirling beauty. raw and tender. complex and simple. consumable and out of reach.
In June Luxa went on sucessful four city mini-tour with Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull and Screen Vinyl Image. They are currently writing songs for their full length debut to be released in the spring of 2009, with a new single appearing in January.

Loveless/Seamless No. 2



Life's Road Movies (Winterlight Remix)-Kontakte
Oh! Vanity- The Charlatans
Here Are The Roses-Dragons
Sooner-Asobi Seksu
Scarlett Bliss-An April March
Act Of Truth-Dead Leaf Echo
Food Music-Appliance
Single Variation Of Two-Casino Versus Japan
Pot Noodle-The Black Dog
Incidental Peace-My Bloody Valentine Meets Skylab

Best of 2008 #1(tie) Auburn Lull-Begin Civil Twilight / Steiber Sound-Desire To Travel Ep


buy it


buy it? (it may be out of print. limited to 155 copies. you can try here: chatblancrecords@yahoo.com or contact Sean via the myspace link above.)

Best of 2008 #2 Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes


buy it

The Soundscapes-Freestyle Family record release show 11/14 at Vanishing Point


got the album the other day and it's amazing. if you've never seen them live you need to do so this Friday and grab a copy of their new record.

from their email...

Dear Friends,

The Record is ready, starting to send it out. You've been amazing
towards us all the way, thank you!

The Soundscapes "Freestyle Family" - ten tracks produced, recorded and
mixed by John Davis at The Bunker Studios, in Brooklyn, the 6th
release by Brooklyn's label BNS Sessions. Official worldwide digital
release day - November 25th. More details about that in a few days.

In great spirits of celebration we want to invite you to the grand BNS
Sessions Record Release Party this Friday Nov 14th at Vanishing Point.
We will have available official copies of four new hot releases by
BNS, the greats Gunfight!, Fun Machine, Werewolves and Soundscapes all

Vanishing Point is located at 240 Meserole Street, half a block away
from the Montrose Stop - L Train. Convenient.



Best of 2008 #3 Moscow Olympics-Cut The World

buy it

Best of 2008 #4 Soundpool-Dichotomies & Dreamland


buy it

Best of 2008 #5 Dead Leaf Echo-Pale Fire


buy it

Best of 2008 #6 Elika-Trying Got Us Nowhere


get it on itunes or what not.
i'm not sure if there are anymore CDs in print. the album is also available on white vinyl with an extra track which is way worth it. it's limited to 300 copies so that may be gone too...

Best of 2008 #7 Atlas Sound-Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel


buy it

Loveless/Seamless No1



Snowflake in A Hot World-Mercury Rev
This Time-LSD and The Search For God
Butterfly Kisses-The Depreciation Guild
Connjur-School Of Seven Bells
Soft Like You(K.O.W. Radiophonic Rework)-Saint Etienne
Vuja De-The Orb
Wires-Voyager One
Snowfall Soon-Piano Magic
I'll Gather Flowers-Area
Last Light-Manual

*if for some reason you are the artist or own the copyright to the song and do not want us to feature you here for your own promotional benefit, please drop us a line at lovelessmusicgroup(at)gmail(dot)com and we will remove it asap...

Best of 2008 #8 Voyager One-Afterhours In The Afterlife

buy it

Best of 2008 #9 The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws


web and free full album download

Best of 2008 #10 Pia Fraus-After Summer


buy it

An LMG/Self Storage Event @ Vanishing Point November 22nd


On November 22nd we'll be throwing a party at the new performance space in the 'burg called Vanishing Point. bands on the bill so far are Beta.Beta, The Depreciation Guild, and Luxa with one more to be announced.

Self Storage Recordings Compilation Volume 1 availible 11/3

the long delayed first release from Self Storage Recordings is finally here. you can preview tracks at myspace.com/selfstoragerecordings

Sunday Night- Le Ren
Air Phase- Monocle
Like Flowers At Night- Panda Riot
Ghost Train-Thrushes
Do What You Love-Soundpool
Reborn-Project Skyward
Where'd You Go-The Invisible Kid
Here's When-The Soundscapes
Pale Fire(Ulrich Schnauss Mix) Dead Leaf Echo
Drawn To The Sea-Luxa
Look To The Sky-Ulrich Schnauss
The Blue Caps(Winter Edit)- Auburn Lull
Suddenly Something Good-Winterlight
Nothing Left To Avoid-Ifwhen

the album is available to purchase via the myspace page through Paypal for $14(includes shipping costs) and $16 worldwide. also it will be sold exclusively through Northern Star Records in the U.K. in a few weeks. these are the folks that put out the excellent Psychedelica Compilations. and you'll also be able to purchase it directly from the artists involved very soon. there will not be a digital release of this album.

LMG teams up with The Deli...

LMG will now be working with The Deli Magazine helping to update the Pysh/Shoegaze section on the left side of there website. if you fall into this category and live in the NYC area drop us a line, and if we like what we hear, we'll get you up there.

4 Days In June


Wednesday June 25
Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY
*Ulrich will not be appearing at this show

Thursday June 26
TT The Bears, Boston MA
w/ The December Sound
Tickets for TT The Bears Available HERE

Friday June 27
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC

Saturday June 28
Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD
Tickets for Metro Gallery Show Available HERE

Kill some time:


Day For Night


got an email from these tonight. remind me a little bit of Levitation with Siouxsie Sioux doing vocals. big drums. they'll be playing with us soon i hope.


The Sounscapes-Here's When video


upcoming shows

Apr 23 2008 at Rehab (former Club Midway) - Self Storage Compilation Release Party Manhattan, NY

May 1 2008 at Galapagos - Crashin’ In Party with Silver Rockets, Exit Clov and Sunshower Orphans Brooklyn, NY

May 15 2008 at Trash Bar with Dead Leaf Echo, Screen Vynil Image and more Brooklyn, NY

May 17 2008 at Goodbye Blue Monday with The Stoics, Quiet Loudly and Lifejacket Brooklyn, NY

May 24 2008 at Siren Records with Fun Machine and Spaces For Morning Doylestown, PA

Jun 4 2008 at Rehab - The Naked Hearts Residency Kick Off Manhattan, NY

@Rehab April 23rd

This Wednesday at Rehab(25 Ave B) come celebrate the first release from Self Storage Recordings! a compilation featuring...
Auburn Lull
Dead Leaf Echo
The Invisible Kid
Le Ren
Panda Riot
Project Skyward
The Soundscapes
Ulrich Schnauss
limited to 50 copies in numbered handmade sleeves.

officially available in June...
preview some tracks at myspace. com/selfstoragerecordings

The Soundscapes, Dead Leaf Echo, El Jezel and Ports of Call will be playing live and Ryan Skyward, The Invisible Kid and Andy Durutti will be DJing all night long.



just found out the one of the LMG favorites, The Offering, have split up.

from the 2090 blog ...

the offering is all but no more at this point. i haven't heard from shane, chris, or brian in almost 3 weeks and i think the inevitable is total destruction. billy and i have started a new band that consists of only the two of us right now and hope to start playing live soon. it is with this that the blog of twenty ninety now officially becomes the blog of twenty ninety. if you're interested in hearing what we've been up to, take a look at our myspace (myspace.com/twentyninety) and let us know what you think.

thanks for the good times.


2090 has some dope songs and i'm happy that charles and billy are still working together. i can't wait to see how it all pans out...

listen to 2090


just came across these guys the other day. actually they came across LMG. regardless, this stuff is fantastic.
from their myspace page...

"beta.beta was formed in the summer of 2007 out of pure coincidence when parixit walked into the teashop that adelin was working at, and asked if she'd like to sing. she'd never been in a band before, and parixit was at that point without a project.

a pow-wow over ice cream and monster mix later led to the inception of beta.beta, a blend of sexy, wistful, fun, electronic beats and sounds mixed with parixit & adelin's mutual desire for creating music you can escape to. "

big New Order vibe within the music(which i love). "Hello Hello Over and Out" is a little slice of heaven. i'm bopping along as i type this. "14th Street Station" makes me think a little of Saint Etienne with the subject matter of the lyrics. "Noise you can't Recall" is just a straight up hit. all in all these guys have a nice mix of electro and dreamy pop that we at LMG dig. we hope to have them play live very soon.

listen to beta.beta



used to be called Woomera, used to be called Bleep. no matter what they're calling themselves this week, they rule. I'm so happy this band escaped the cold clutches of Toronto to rainy London. since that time they've managed to put together a (almost) full band. i read on their myspace blog today that they're looking for a new bass player. I had the pleasure of sharing a bill with them a few years ago as a 3 peice and they were amazing. i can only imagine what how slammin' they are as a full band. if you live in london hit them up. the force is strong with these...
i see they have employed their cat as well. well what ever they do it works, they never miss a beat. the best band on the planet that you're still not listening to...


Autorotation's brilliant song "Flika" will be available on the Self Storage Compilation

Deep Cut

Many moons ago there was a great band called Revolver. Their one and only proper album(the other was a collection of the bands first 3 EPS), Cold Water Flat, ranks high in my top albums of all times. some say they jumped on the shoegaze bandwagon, that they had too many "songs". despite genres it's a f**cking great record and well worth seeking out. to the point, Mat Flint, guitar player and main tunesmith of said band, has reemerged with his new band(along with his brother on bass) called Deep Cut. they have released the brilliant single Commodity in seven inch format via Club AC30 and as far as i can tell are now working on a full length.

dig it

Lights Out Asia - Tanks and Recognizers

I know very little about this band other than what it says on their myspace page. the album makes me think of what would happen if Auburn Lull made a record with Alpha. all i really know is the record is dope and you should check it out.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

these guys break of a nice big slice of Mogwai-esqe post rock for y'all. hailing from your humble writer's old stomping grounds of York, PA, (Chris and i went to high school together a million years ago). These guys do it big and loud. Their record release party is March 1st at my old haunt, The Depot. and if for some reason you live in York and you're reading this and not watering your lawn or watching a nascar race, here are some shows they have coming up. they'll be playing with us sometime in May if all goes well.

Feb 16 at Champion Ship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Mar 1 at The Depot York, Pennsylvania
Mar 7 at The Waterway (upstairs in the Blue Room) York, Pennsylvania
Mar 15 at The Maennerchor Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Mar 24 at 25-27 Space Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Mar 28 at Suba Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Danella Hocevar (An April March)

Former lead singer of the fantastic and hugely underrated An April March (Bedazzeled Records) posted some demos from her new album(?) on her Myspace page. The tracks were produced by Roger Levellee of The Curtain Society. The tracks are much more poppier and stripped down than her previous work but that's not a bad thing at all. she's still in good form and we're excited to hear more and hopefully she'll come down and play a show.

listen and download here

Ex Autumn Thieves form new band

Two original members(Andy Durutti and Ryan Freeman) of the now mythical Autumn Thieves have teamed up again for a new band with LG of Dead Leaf Echo on lead guitar and the lovely and talented Kristen Stocks on vocals. the as yet unnamed project debuted last Thursday at the Brooklyn Lyceum opening up for Jonas Munk and Jakob Scott who performed together as Manual(make sure to check out Jakob Scott's work as Syntaks).
Recordings are in the works along with more shows and a song will appear on the Self Storage Compilation
more info soon...