CD 2 Haiti


Autorotation has set up a blog to benefit the people of Haiti. All proceeds(except a small portion for shipping) go to assist the people of Haiti.

Contiributing aritists are
Colour Kane
Self Storage Recordings
Autumn Thieves (whose EP has not been available for several years and is for sale exclusively for the cause)
Le Ren

please help out if you can and pass it along...

CD 2 Haiti

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LMG Exclusive - The Abyssal Suite MP3 Mix


The Abyssal Suite is Ryan Freeman. He's also a member of Luxa.

1. Windmill Wedding - Air France
2. As Far As You Can - Alpha
3. The Boxer (DFA Version) - The Chemical Brothers
4. Life Support - Fluke
5. Boca Raton - Fila Brazillia
6. Lochness - LFO
7. '84 Pontiac Dream - Boards of Canada
8. Best Mamgu Ever - Underworld
9. Dodecatheon - Kiln
10. Woman of the Sea - Blue Six
11. Cloud People - Sweetback

get it here

The Offering reforming?


One of my faves, The Offering, are apparently getting back together. A new Facebook page and a note that reads "A band that once was and will soon be again."
very glad to hear it....

The Offering are signed to Safranin Sound, which is run by Screen Vinyl Image.


Nadja is a 1994 film by Micheal Almereyda. It was shot mostly in the NYC's East Village. While it's a bit pretentious it's got some really great perfomances from two Hal Hartley regulars, Martin Donovan and Elina Lowensohn, and a wacky Peter Fonda as Van Helsing.
The soundtrack is dope too, boasting tunes from My Bloody Valentine, The Verve and Portishead. The score was performed by Simon Fisher Turner and is up there as one of my favorite records. I believe the album is still in print and is well worth seeking out. You can hear one of the tracks on the latest Loveless/Seamless mix. Pretty sure this is where Fleeting Joys got there name too...
I've must have seen this movie a million times. It was one of those movies, along with Woody Allen films and Julian Schnabel's Basquiat that i used to watch before i moved to NYC. As if New York is really like any of them...but hey, I was young and idealist...regardless, it can still be a quite a romantic town when you need it to be.... just don't ride the subway... ;-)

Loveless/Seamless No. 8

Usually i don't put these out so close together but i've been feeling rather inspired lately...despite the fact that i'm hung over like a mother today....but sometimes things just need to be said....

The Devil You Know - Jesus Jones
Kangaroo Court - Adorable
The Trees - Pulp
About 3Am(Overseer Ping Pong Remix) Dark Star
Red Shoes - The Durutti Column
Holidays To Wales - July Skies
Full Speed Nowhere - The Invisible Kid
High Expectations - Stereolab
Into Sun and Dark - Fleeting Joys
Love, Death, Avoid it - Simon Fisher Turner

get it here and don't roll your eyes at Jesus Jones. that track is badass....

Loveless/Seamless No.7


Cloudless(Live) - Cranes
Far From Grace - Doves
Chromakey Dreamcoat - Boards Of Canada
Real Love - Mark Van Hoen
Sowiesoso - Cluster
Murmur - The Sight Below
Quick Canal - Atlas Sound
Seasun - Delorean
Mercury - The Ocean Blue
I'm Believing (In Love Again) - The Sunshine Factory

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Music For Rabbits


So i've been listening to quite a bit of ambient music these last few months. My 2 rabbits find it most agreeable. Dub Techno has really got me excited lately.
here's a list of stuff that I've been thoroughly enjoying....

The Sight Below
cv313 (and everything else Rod Modell; Deepchord, Echospace, etc. does)
Pulshar (Pablo Bolivar solo is amazing too)
Arc Of Doves
Christy Romanick
Simon Scott
i could go on but these are just a few to get you started...get you mellow...

also i'm looking for acts (ambient/electronic) to play shows and/or release some records.
get in touch at lovelessmg(at)gmail or send demos/bribes to...

Self Storage Recordings
57 Thames St
Suite 4A
Brooklyn, NY

Best of 2009 - # 1 Atheus/Relapxych.0 - Shapes and Phases

Atheus / Relapxych.0 - Shapes and Phases 12"

Best of 2009 - # 2 The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me 7"

The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me 7"

Best of 2009 - # 3 Dead Mellotron - Ghost Light Constellation

Dead Mellotron - Ghost Light Constellation

Best of 2009 - # 4 Autorotation - Everything is Everything

Autorotation - Everything Is Everything

Best of 2009 - # 5 Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Best of 2009 - # 6 Screen Vinyl Image - Interceptors

Screen Vinyl Image - Interceptors

Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Van Hoen, and Luxa at The Bellhouse, Feb 25th


buy tickets here. hurry they won't last...