Loveless/Seamless No. 6


Desertkarnival (Rua Rebuild) - Kiln
Dream About Me - The Depreciation Guild
Pony Play - Yuki
Self-Imperfectionist - Adorable
I Burn Myself On You - The Lionheart Brothers
Hazey Jane II - Nick Drake
Don't Stop - The Stone Roses
This Dark Matter - London Elektricity
Beaches and Deserts - A Guy Called Gerald
Acid Bells (Martyn's Bittersweet Mix) - Efdemin
Chinook - Loscil
Desert Nightfall - Reapxych.00
Fleeting Moment...Lost - Angelmark
From A Late Night Train - The Blue Nile

will someone tell me why Self-Imperfectionist was a fucking B-side and not a single? i mean really....


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