Rest In Peace, Larry Cassidy (Section 25)


I had planned to write about a bunch of new records I'd heard over the past couple days. All that has taken a back seat now that I've learned of the untimely death of Larry Cassidy. Although no official cause has been given I'm assuming it was of natural causes, though he wasn't that old, I'm guessing mid-50's.

Section 25 had regrouped in 2001 but the death of Larry's wife in 2004 delayed new material until 2007. According to Section they were about 75% finished their 3rd record since reforming.

My introduction to S25 came in 1992 as a fledgling Factory Records obsessive. We were at an indie record store (can remember the name but I'm sure it's long gone) in Lancaster, PA. They had a copy of Always Now and Key Of Dreams. I had read somewhere perhaps in the sleeve notes(both copies were open and loaded, like all LTM releases, with information. I ended up getting The Key Of Dreams pretty much thanks to this quote from Larry...

"It's just possible that these songs will give comfort to someone who's having a bad time. Whether or not it's got to do with drugs we don't know. We just see that in them."

I was 17, starting to smoke weed, and "depressed", that line spoke volumes to me.

It's a fucking weird record but absolutely brilliant and certainly not of it's time. It truly does make more sense today than it did when it was released but it's still fucked up. I remember it being winter, or at least cold and it fit the mood. I loved it, and read the liner notes over and over and over. My friend Ryan hated it, well hate might be too strong of a word but it wouldn't be his first choice if someone said let's listen to S25. He really wanted From The Hip, which we found some months later, but that's another story...

LTM has reissued the entire catalog (twice) along with the excellent Live in America from 1982 and an outtakes and live called Deus Ex Machina which collected some studio demos and live stuff from 83 to 85 including the never officially released Loving No One which was intended to be on the follow up to From The Hip until the band started to fall apart. Their potential around this time was incredible, after listening to the live version of Sweet Forgiveness(from said album) which, in my opinion is pretty bland on the Love And Hate album. The label has also released their new albums and several DVDs of new and old material.

It's a bummer of a day... but if there is something after, Larry is a somewhere with Ian, Tony, Rob, and Martin and I bet they're having a blast...

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