Dorias Baracca


These guys are fantastic. You need to check them out....

from their myspace...
Hailing from Odense in Denmark, Dorias Baracca are almost too young to be making the intense, yet beautiful shoegazing music that they do.
Following their debut London shows back in October, the Hands At Melting Point EP is their debut release, produced by Jonas Munk (Manual).
On stage they are a blisteringly loud maelstrom of swirling feedback and melodic chaos that rivals other self-confessed noisemasters like A Place To Bury Strangers.
“Silence” has had plays so far on Gideon Coe (BBC6 Music) and John Kennedy (XFM) as well as an evening playlist on NME Radio.
And a Video for the track "The Only Touch", made by Progress Film Company, has been released.

Dorias Baracca - The Only Touch from The Progress Film Company on Vimeo.