New album from Mark Van Hoen, "Where Is The Truth", out soon on City Centere Offices


Mark Van Hoen - Where Is The Truth
1. Put My Trust In You
2. Where is the Truth
3. Yourself
4. She's Selda
5. 1979
6. Your Voice
7. I Need Silence
8. Render the Voice
9. Beautiful
10. Photophone Call
11. Soyuz A
Out 4/27/2010

Originally due out in February its been pushed back until late April. No matter, it's worth the wait as this album is absolutely superb. But you don't have take my word for it...

"you can hear elements of his more industrial work in there, but also stuff that links back to "morning light" as well as "playing with time" - great stuff!" - Ulrich Schnauss