Panda Riot, Daniel Klag (CD release), this Thursday, May 13th


Panda Riot

Panda Riot play NYC this Thursday at Lit Lounge.

Daniel Klag

Opening up in support of his new release, Tetraedr, on Self Storage Recordings is Daniel Klag. Tetraedr is three part piece recalling the more ambient side of Krautrock and of Pygamlion era Slowdive. It's limited to 100 hand made and numbered CDs. You can listen (and, if you're so inclined, buy it) here.

New videos galore....


Aarktica - I Am (The Ice)

Soundpool - Mirrors In Your Eyes

Insect Guide - Dark Days and Nights

Picnic - Who Do You Love?

Luga (featuring Winterlight) - Waved Goodbye

Dorias Baracca


These guys are fantastic. You need to check them out....

from their myspace...
Hailing from Odense in Denmark, Dorias Baracca are almost too young to be making the intense, yet beautiful shoegazing music that they do.
Following their debut London shows back in October, the Hands At Melting Point EP is their debut release, produced by Jonas Munk (Manual).
On stage they are a blisteringly loud maelstrom of swirling feedback and melodic chaos that rivals other self-confessed noisemasters like A Place To Bury Strangers.
“Silence” has had plays so far on Gideon Coe (BBC6 Music) and John Kennedy (XFM) as well as an evening playlist on NME Radio.
And a Video for the track "The Only Touch", made by Progress Film Company, has been released.

Dorias Baracca - The Only Touch from The Progress Film Company on Vimeo.

Mark Van Hoen played The Bellhouse 2/25 (VIDEO)

Loveless/Seamless No. 9


Shave Your Head - Viola Peacock
You Win Hearts - Elika
Dark Days And Nights - Insect Guide
But It's So - Soundpool
Where Is The Truth - Mark Van Hoen
Try Me, Mental-A - Jatun
Shareware - Picnic
Blue Lily - The Depreciation Guile
As Link - Seefeel
Issa - Manual

Download it here...

LMG exclusive - Daniel Klag MP3 Mix


Daniel Klag is an ambient musician residing in NYC. This mix was previously broadcast live somewhere on the internet. He has kindly given it to us to repost here. Daniel's next release, Tetraedr (of which you can hear two parts here), will be released on Self Storage Recordings very soon...details to follow....

Daniel Klag
"Tetraedr (Part III)"

"Deep Distance"

Iannis Xenakis
"Concret PH"

Fred Frith
"Not Forgotten"

David Bowie
"Moss Garden"


The Durutti Column
"Sketch for Winter"

Raymond Scott
"Cyclic Bit"

Tangerine Dream
"Sequent C'"

Brian Eno & David Byrne
"Solo Guitar with Tin Foil"

Loren Connors

Brian Eno
"Lizard Point"

"Pop 2"

Roy Montgomery
"Clear Night, Port Hills"


Daniel Klag
"Tetraedr (Part I)

download it here

LMG Exclusive - Remarkably Spry MP3 mix


a Mix by Remarkably Spry a.k.a Christo Buffam. Christo also plays guitar with The Vandelles and Dead Leaf Echo. Remarkably Spry recently remixed a song by Screen Vinyl Image which is due to be released on their upcoming 12".

Bark Psychosis - From What Is Said To When It's Read
Ringo Deathstarr - Your Town
Swans - Blood Promise
Sparklehorse & Fennesz - If My Heart
Lusine - Drip (Apparat Remix)
M83 - Run into Flowers (Jackson remix)
Washed Out - Track 7
Kiln - Isthmus Krest
Health - Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix)
93 Million Miles from the Sun - Step in the High
Dykehouse - When You Come
the December Sound - Truth Hurts
Medicine - Something Goes Wrong
LSD and the Search for God - Starshine
Mountains - Sheets Two
The Morning After Girls - Theres a Taking

download it here

New album from Mark Van Hoen, "Where Is The Truth", out soon on City Centere Offices


Mark Van Hoen - Where Is The Truth
1. Put My Trust In You
2. Where is the Truth
3. Yourself
4. She's Selda
5. 1979
6. Your Voice
7. I Need Silence
8. Render the Voice
9. Beautiful
10. Photophone Call
11. Soyuz A
Out 4/27/2010

Originally due out in February its been pushed back until late April. No matter, it's worth the wait as this album is absolutely superb. But you don't have take my word for it...

"you can hear elements of his more industrial work in there, but also stuff that links back to "morning light" as well as "playing with time" - great stuff!" - Ulrich Schnauss

Jatun - Blanket Of Ash out today, release party on March 12th

The heavily anticipated sophomore ablum by Jatun, Blanket Of Ash, is available today via Other Electrcities

you can preview some tracks here and here

There will also be an invite only release party on March 12th...

"Screen Washed", A Visual/Audio Experience, March 13th

"Screen Washed"

A NYC Neo-Shoegaze Video Debut Night

Video Debuts by Serena Maneesh, Panda Riot, Screen Vinyl Image, The Sky Drops, Highspire, Sounpool, If When and Elika and more to be announced!

With Special Electronic/Laptop Performances from Dead Leaf Echo and Resplendor

Spectacular Cocktails to "Blur" your senses served free with $6 admission

Early Show!
Free Drinks!
All ages, 21 and over to drink
Saturday, March 13th, 7-10pm

Vaudville Park
26 Bushwick ave at Devoe, L train to Graham ave

LMG Exclusive - Aarktica mp3 mix

An MP3 Mix by Jon DeRosa of Aarktica

Half String - Hue.mp3
Alisons Halo - Chalkboard James.mp3
Secret Shine - Loveblind.mp3
Boyracer - Buffalo.mp3
Hood - Field Is Cut.mp3
Azusa Plane - Eric Gaffeny.mp3
Blueshift Signal - Halo.mp3
Idaho - Skyscrape.mp3
Remora - Rivin.mp3
Attrition - Into The Waves.mp3
Lycia - Nine Hours Later.mp3
Where I Wake Warm - Neither Sleeping Neither Waking.mp3
Ultracherry Violet - Falling In Love.mp3
Love Spirals Downward - Mediterranea.mp3
Loveliescrushing - I Want You.mp3
The Chills - Submarine Bells.mp3

or you can grab the whole thing here

The latest Aarktica releases, In Sea and In Sea Remixes, are out now on Silber Records

Manual - Drowned In Light, due April 19th


Pretty excited for this judging by the 2 tracks I've heard so far.... will have some steaming clips for you soon....

New Dead Mellotron album


Dead Mellotron released their second album, simply titled, Dead Mellotron on February 22nd. If you at all familiar with this blog then you know i love this band. The new record is just as good as the first and you'll be doing yourself a favor if you go to his myspace and download the whole thing for free. don't wait, go there now

Thrushes release new album, play show on March 5th

Thrushes release there 2nd full length, Night Falls, March 9th. They're playing at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore on March 5th to celebrate with Screen Vinyl Image, Jack Chick, and The Sugarplums.

you can listen thier cover of the Mazzy Star classic, Fade Into You, here...

Rest In Peace, Larry Cassidy (Section 25)


I had planned to write about a bunch of new records I'd heard over the past couple days. All that has taken a back seat now that I've learned of the untimely death of Larry Cassidy. Although no official cause has been given I'm assuming it was of natural causes, though he wasn't that old, I'm guessing mid-50's.

Section 25 had regrouped in 2001 but the death of Larry's wife in 2004 delayed new material until 2007. According to Section they were about 75% finished their 3rd record since reforming.

My introduction to S25 came in 1992 as a fledgling Factory Records obsessive. We were at an indie record store (can remember the name but I'm sure it's long gone) in Lancaster, PA. They had a copy of Always Now and Key Of Dreams. I had read somewhere perhaps in the sleeve notes(both copies were open and loaded, like all LTM releases, with information. I ended up getting The Key Of Dreams pretty much thanks to this quote from Larry...

"It's just possible that these songs will give comfort to someone who's having a bad time. Whether or not it's got to do with drugs we don't know. We just see that in them."

I was 17, starting to smoke weed, and "depressed", that line spoke volumes to me.

It's a fucking weird record but absolutely brilliant and certainly not of it's time. It truly does make more sense today than it did when it was released but it's still fucked up. I remember it being winter, or at least cold and it fit the mood. I loved it, and read the liner notes over and over and over. My friend Ryan hated it, well hate might be too strong of a word but it wouldn't be his first choice if someone said let's listen to S25. He really wanted From The Hip, which we found some months later, but that's another story...

LTM has reissued the entire catalog (twice) along with the excellent Live in America from 1982 and an outtakes and live called Deus Ex Machina which collected some studio demos and live stuff from 83 to 85 including the never officially released Loving No One which was intended to be on the follow up to From The Hip until the band started to fall apart. Their potential around this time was incredible, after listening to the live version of Sweet Forgiveness(from said album) which, in my opinion is pretty bland on the Love And Hate album. The label has also released their new albums and several DVDs of new and old material.

It's a bummer of a day... but if there is something after, Larry is a somewhere with Ian, Tony, Rob, and Martin and I bet they're having a blast...

Section 25 bio
Buy their records
John Robb's Obituary